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child torture

Human rights groups call for end to 'severe' Israeli torture

Three human rights groups urged the international community to take action to end Israel’s torture and ill-treatment of Palestinian children, on the occasion of the International Day in Support of Victims of Torture (June 26). In a joint statement, Adalah, Al Mezan, and Physicians for Human Rights-Israel say that the Israeli authorities continue, with no accountability, to subject Palestinian… Read full article
Journal of imperial and Commonwealth history

How British soldiers brutalised Jewish troops in Mandate Palestine

Terror in Galilee: British-Jewish Collaboration and the Special Night Squads in Palestine during the Arab Revolt, 1938–39Matthew HugesThe Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth History In 1938 in British Mandate Palestine, British army officer Orde Wingate organised and led a joint British-Jewish military unit, the Special Night Squads (SNSs), to defeat Palestinian rebels fighting against British… Read full article

Most aid intended for Palestinians ends up in Israeli hands

Study: At least 78% of humanitarian aid intended for Palestinians ends up in Israeli coffers Shir Hever, an Israeli economist who has spent years piecing together the murky economics of the occupation, recently published a report that makes shocking reading. Like others, he believes international aid has allowed Israel to avoid footing the bill for its decades-old occuption. But he goes further.… Read full article
krav maga

Violence at Israel ‘Peace Festival’ in Edinburgh Fringe

The claim in the Jewish Chronicle of Nazi salutes at a pro-Palestine demonstration in Edinburgh on August 17th was pure invention. The smear is as ridiculous as it is unsurprising given the anti-racist politics of the organisers, the intolerance of the protestors to such filth, the large number of cameras and smartphones in constant use, as well as the numbers of police present throughout the… Read full article
rabbi eyal karim

Protest Festival of Israeli crime in Edinburgh, August 17

Palestine supporters to Edinburgh on August 17th!The language of some UK pro-Israel organisations is getting very heated concerning their celebration of "all things Israel" during the Edinburgh Fringe on Wednesday August 17. The celebration of Israel is a celebration of violent ethnic cleansing - past, ongoing and planned. "All things Israel" includes war crimes and crimes against humanity,… Read full article