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SPSC Edinburgh Branch Statement

18th February 2016 SPSC has for many years developed a tradition of active grass roots campaigning to win support for the Palestinian call for BDS against Israel. Our approach has drawn harsh criticism from Zionists and their supporters, praise from allies and, most importantly, has delivered a string of successes that has placed this small country firmly in the ranks of those delivering… Read full article
SPSC Banner Stop Israeli War Crimes at Glasgow Sheriff Court

Support Scottish activists on 'racially aggravated' charges for protesting Israeli Dead Sea cosmetics thieves

Support two SPSC members - Jim Watson and - I, on trial for 'racism' on Wednesday April 27th and Friday April 29th in Court 10 of Glasgow Sheriff Court. The effort by Zionists and their allies to conflate opposition to Israeli crimes and hatred of Jews is intensifying; having long ago lost the debate over the revolting crimes of the Israeli Government, the Zionists are openly lobbying in Scotland… Read full article
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British police guidance equates anti-Zionism with ‘new anti-Semitism’

The College of Policing, a body which sets standards for police in England and Wales, is being urged to revise its guidance on hate crime, which equates anti-Zionism with “a new antisemitism.” The manual, ‘Hate Crime Operational Guidance’, was published in May 2014, but its definition of antisemitism was recently quoted by Eric Pickles MP on a government website. Ben WhiteMiddle East MonitorApril… Read full article

2016 Edinburgh International Festival free of Brand Israel

The programme of the 2016 Edinburgh International Festival published today, April 6th, has no Israeli State-sponsored artists. Make no mistake, this represents a failure on the part of the Israeli Embassy and its Scottish supporters who announced they were working to reverse the boycott trend that has developed since vigorous protests against the Jerusalem Quartet in 2008 and the Batsheva Dance… Read full article

Jamal Juma public meetings on the Palestinian Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign

"We therefore need to ensure that the campaign for the freedom of all anti-wall activists and Palestinian political prisoners continues to grow. We have to combine our energies to ensure that the root cause – the Wall – will be torn down and the occupation will be brought to an end. SPSC public meetingsTear down apartheidJamal JumaGlasgow Sunday 24th April 3.00pmQuaker Meeting House38 Elmbank Cr.… Read full article