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Jan 08, 2018 2916

Lies, damned lies, empty threats and casual Zionist racism

in Support for Zionism
An email exchange yesterday and this morning with a Glasgow Zionist activist that shows the absurd and dishonest lengths they go to in defence of a racist state and its crimes against humanity. The scandal is that Scottish political leaders Nicola Sturgeon,…
Dec 22, 2017 4531

Israeli journalist suggests to 'exact a price' from Ahed Tamimi, 'in the dark, without witnesses and cameras

in Occupied West Bank
Israeli society has been incensed this week with the video of Ahed Tamimi and two other girls from Nabi Saleh, who slapped the Israeli soldiers occupying their family yard. The story of her 15-year-old cousin Mohammed being shot in the head by soldiers (and…
Anti Jerusalem Vote boy tank
Dec 21, 2017 4132

Trump-Israel isolated at UN following threats and insults

in Sanctions
The Israel-Trump school of diplomacy was on full view as US Ambassador Haley again threatened the UN as a whole, and Israeli Ambassador Danon followed Haley to snarl at those in the hall: "You are like puppets pulled by the strings of your Palestinian puppet…
Dec 07, 2017 2867

SPSC press release: Is Scotland encouraging Israel’s extremism?

in Press releases
For immediate release Is Scotland encouraging Israel’s extremism? 7 December 2017 Donald Trump’s decision to recognise Jerusalem as Israel’s capital has been condemned by campaigners for Palestinian rights in Scotland. They claim that the move fits with…
Dec 04, 2017 807

Three submissions to 'Review' but no submission to attacks on free speech

in Legal attacks
Zionist efforts are continuing to have laws instroduced to protect the apartheid structures of the State of Israel from attack. The UK and Scottish Governments have endorsed, "adopted", the flawed IHRA definition of anti-Semitism, which would criminalise…
Dec 01, 2017 2183

BBC challenged over bias and complicity

in The BBC
On 2nd November, the BBC published an article by Fiona Stalker, and ran an accompanying piece on Reporting Scotland. Throughout both pieces, individuals were allowed to make unfounded accusations against pro-Palestine supporters with no attempt by the BBC to…
Nov 27, 2017 2499

BBC becomes the latest establishment body to cosy up to the Israel lobby in Scotland

in The BBC
The BBC has been criticised for its failures during an episode of the BBC Two “Victoria Derbyshire” show broadcast on 27 April – see article here. The BBC was found to have given a platform to pro-Israel campaigners without making their campaigning role…
Nov 13, 2017 4145

Investigation reveals Police Scotland breach of campaigner rights

in Press releases
MEDIA RELEASE, Monday 13 November 2017 A Police Investigations and Review Commissioner (PIRC) investigation has heavily criticised Police Scotland for their handling of a series of complaints made by Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign (SPSC). PIRC raises…

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