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Mar 14, 2018 2059

Support Palestine - Stand Up to All Racism

in 'Anti-Semitism'
UPDATE as of Friday morning 16 March We need a victory of courage over fear - as Palestinians show every day The depraved racist views of COFIS (Confederation of Friends of Israel Scotland) has not been a sufficient barrier to organisers allowing them to…
Mar 13, 2018 2331

SPSC statement on Stand Up to Racism, 13 March 2018

in Statements
"Palestinians have situated their struggle, the BDS movement, as part of a wider struggle against racism. Week after week Israel’s crimes escalate, fuelled by racism and genocidal discourse so malevolent that even Israeli generals, prominent journalists and…
Mar 09, 2018 258

'Mandela Women': from Sharpeville to Palestine - oppose all racism

in Statements
On International Women's Day Scottish PSC received the following message from Nelson Mandela's daughter-in-law, Rayne Rose Mandela, and her daughter Nodiyala, Nelson Mandela's granddaughter, from Eastern Cape. Message, 8 March 2018: Greetings to those…
Feb 19, 2018 6421

SPSC statement on anti-racism and pro-Israel campaigns in Scotland

in Statements
Introduction & addition8th March 2018 "We say that the organisers have no mandate to violate and corrupt this international commemoration. Scotland must not be the back door for supporters of Israeli Apartheid to promote their racist segregation and ethnic…
Feb 02, 2018 3958

Scottish PSC Programme 2018

in Occupied West Bank
The winners of the 2017 Palestine Book Awards will speak to meetings during 2018 by interactive video link on aspects of Palestine that can expand our knowledge base in ways that are essential to deliver effective solidarity with the Palestinian people. Each…
Jan 26, 2018 2104

Happy Birthday Ahed

in Resistance
VideoSinging from the streets of Scotland's capital into the Israeli dungeons "Happy Birthday Ahed!" Solidarity forever until freedom comes for ALL Palestinian prisoners! Edinburgh, 31 January 2018: Edinburgh Branch SPSC + "Protest in Harmony"
Jan 08, 2018 3339

Lies, damned lies, empty threats and casual Zionist racism

in Support for Zionism
An email exchange yesterday and this morning with a Glasgow Zionist activist that shows the absurd and dishonest lengths they go to in defence of a racist state and its crimes against humanity. The scandal is that Scottish political leaders Nicola Sturgeon,…
Dec 22, 2017 4849

Israeli journalist suggests to 'exact a price' from Ahed Tamimi, 'in the dark, without witnesses and cameras

in Occupied West Bank
Israeli society has been incensed this week with the video of Ahed Tamimi and two other girls from Nabi Saleh, who slapped the Israeli soldiers occupying their family yard. The story of her 15-year-old cousin Mohammed being shot in the head by soldiers (and…
Anti Jerusalem Vote boy tank
Dec 21, 2017 4421

Trump-Israel isolated at UN following threats and insults

in Sanctions
The Israel-Trump school of diplomacy was on full view as US Ambassador Haley again threatened the UN as a whole, and Israeli Ambassador Danon followed Haley to snarl at those in the hall: "You are like puppets pulled by the strings of your Palestinian puppet…

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