Sept 5th Israel-Italy World Cup qualifier - BDS Italy appeal

in Football
During the Israel-Italy World Cup qualifier, let's fill social media with Palestinian flags!BDS Italy On September 5 in Haifa, Italy will play against Israel in the qualifiers for…
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SPSC letter to Edinburgh Fringe, 2016

in Cultural
To: Shona McCarthy, Chief Executive, Edinburgh Festival Fringe18th July 2016 Dear Ms McCarthy International Shalom Festival Gala Concert, Central Hall, 17 August 2016 I write to…

2016 Edinburgh International Festival free of Brand Israel

in Cultural
The programme of the 2016 Edinburgh International Festival published today, April 6th, has no Israeli State-sponsored artists. Make no mistake, this represents a failure on the…

CCTV tracking technology ready to launch in Glasgow

in Arms companies
Glasgow City Council slammed over CCTV tracking technology ready to launch on 70 cameras which can track you across town by Billy Briggs, 30 March 2016The Daily Record A TOTAL of…

No 2 Brand Israel at Edinburgh Festival 2016

in Cultural
Please act on the appeal from the Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel (PACBI) which asks you to add your voice – wherever you are – asking the…

Edinburgh Science festival are without Selex ES in 2016

in Arms companies
The Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign welcomes the news that the Edinburgh international science Festival will no longer involve Selex ES. The Edinburgh based arms company…

Report on Dr Mads Gilbert in Scotland

in Boycott
Mads Gilbert, Norwegian doctor, humanitarian and political activist, who has worked in the war zone of Gaza during four major Israeli attacks since 2006, has completed his short…

Protests for Palestine across Scotland 17 October 2015 - photos

in In Scotland
Protests were called last Saturday by the Scottish Palestine Alliance, to which SPSC is affiliated: Protest for Palestine! Stop Israeli terror!The Glasgow event was filmed by…

Israeli State-sponsored groups avoiding Edinburgh Festival because of human rights protests

in Theatre
The Show Must Go on for Israeli Troupe Hounded Out of Edinburgh Festival in 2014Do they think the reception they’ll receive will be different this summer? “We really hope so,”…
israeli lacrosse

How Israeli lacrosse pushes an ethnic supremacy agenda

in Sports
Should Israeli soldiers be able to brutalise Palestinian sports team members with impunity and then travel the world un-protested? The pro-Israeli gang, as usual, seek to prohibit…

Banking on Apartheid

in Boycott
Banking on Apartheid One Saturday afternoon in Edinburgh's main shopping street, a group of unmasked, unarmed, mainly female singers drifted with nonchalant daring into the main…
The teeshirt that Celtic FC couldn't allow

Closing down free expression for Palestine

in Criminalisation
A Celtic fan was ejected and threatened with arrest at Tynecastle after Celtic officials raised an objection to the tee-shirt he was wearing, which said 'Free Palestine' on the…

Show your support for BDS

in Criminalisation
UPDATE Mick Napier was arrested on Saturday (20th) night at this home for allegedly breaching his bail conditions. Following his arrest on 13 September, Mick along with another…
Forced out of apartheid South Africa; can we force them out of Elbit Systems?

Arms trade with Israel

in BDS targets
The Palestinian civil society call for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions demands action to persuade the investors in companies complicit in Israeli militarism to divest their…

Dead Sea Products

in BDS targets
Don’t buy Dead Sea Products Palestinian people have been violently dispossessed and robbed of the natural resources of the Dead Sea. We believe that Kedem Cosmetics – and other…

Stop Powering Israeli Apartheid

in BDS targets
Visit the Wood Group Campaign site STOP POWERING ISRAELI APARTHEID is a campaign organised by Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign with support from a wide range of partners and…
Some of the 'cut grass'

Protest the Israeli State-funded Incubator Theatre

in Theatre
Close down all Israeli State-financed projects in Scotland in a time of massacreProtest the Incubator TheatreAssemble at Bristo Square, Edinburgh 1.00pm Wednesday 30th July&…
JNF gave Palestine to colonists

Demonstrate against the racist JNF Friday 27th June Cowans Law

in UK
Demonstrate against the fundraising shoot by the racist JNF (Jewish National Fund) Scotland Friday 27th June - Cowans Law - 8 till late Each of us is forced to subsidise this sham…

Scotland and Palestine

in In Scotland
The 5th of June marked what Palestinians call Al Naksa (the Setback), referring to the 1967 War when the Israeli forces demolished homes and villages, displaced hundreds of…
Wood Group

Join the Wood Group AGM protest Aberdeen May 14th

in Complicit companies
SPSC Protest at Wood Group's AGM in Aberdeen: 10am, Wednesday May 14thJoin us on May the 14th in Aberdeen to challenge Wood Group's ongoing complicity in Israel's occupation and…
The Stills Gallery

Edinburgh Stills Gallery returns Israeli Embassy sponsorship money

in Cultural
Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign welcomes today's decision by the prestigious Stills Gallery to terminate the Israeli Embassy's sponsorship of their forthcomng photography…
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Ask Home Secretary to prevent Livni's attendance at JNF London provocation

UCU Scotland condemns Livni visit to London JNF event The 2014 Annual Congress of the University and College Union Scotland Congress (UCU Scotland) today voted unanimously to…
Sainsbury's Bernard Street in Leith

Sainsbury's STOP! (Stop Trading with Occupation Profiteers)

in Agricultural produce
Israel has stepped up its construction of illegal settlement building. Defence for Children international reports that Israel continues to kill Palestinians, including many…
Eric, you can walk through that barrier you are leaning on...

Eric Burdon cancels gig in Tel Aviv "under increasing pressure"

in Music
Below is an example of the appeals that Burdon received to remain true to his long-term hostility to racism and Jim Crow in the US South. SPSC deplore any threats made to Burdon,…

Scottish solidarity with French BDS activists

in Criminalisation
Scottish PSC endorses statement of solidarity with French campaigners facing trial for BDS actions, members and branches send photo messages of solidarity. More than 150…

Palestinian-Irish solidarity with French BDS activists

in Boycott
The Palestinian call for solidarity with the upstanding citizens of France facing state repression for their efforts in the BDS campaign could not have fell on more receptive ears…
Soldier at checkpoint demands a Palestinian kiss the Beitar scarf to be allowed to pass

Racism rampant in Israeli football, rewarded by UEFA

in Football
Israeli football, racism and politics: The ugly side of the beautiful gameJonathan Cook 25 April 2013 Rifaat Turk, the most successful Arab player in Israeli football and the…
L to R: Jackie MacNamara, ex-Celtic and Hibs player, Mahmoud Sarsak, Tony Higgins of FIFPro

FIFPro (World Football Players' Union) on Mahmoud Sarsak's jailing and torture by Israel

in Football
Mahmoud Sarsak: 'Football is my weapon of resistance'Friday 14 JuneFIFPro World - Anti-racism FIFPro – represented in the person of anti-racism spokesman and FIFPro Division…

Planned protests force cancellation of JNF and Friends of the IDF fundraiser in St Andrews

in UK
An event to be held at a St Andrews hotel, aimed at raising funds for the Friends of the IDF and the JNF, has been cancelled on police advice in the face of serious mobilisations…
G4S worried about reputational risk of being associated with Israeli crimes.

FT reports G4S could divest from Israel to avoid "reputational risk"

in G4S
"G4S, the world's biggest security company by revenues, has confirmed it is planning to quit key contracts in Israel amid protests against its involvement in settlements within…
Clacks is the 'Wee County' in a small country but has joined a world-wide movement for Palestinian freedom

Boycott spreading in Scotland: Clackmannanshire Council joins W. Dunbartonshire and Stirling in boycott of Israel

in Boycott
The motion was passed nem con by a meeting of the full Council, with only three abstentions (one Labour, one SNP, and the lone Tory). "Clackmannanshire Council condemns the…
Three Russian immigrants and one native-born Israeli make up the Jerusalem Quartet, ISrael's only professional string quartet. All were inducted into the Israeli Defence Forces last year.  The Quartet is composed of (left to right) Alexander Pavlovsky, Sergei Bressler, Kyril Zlotnikov and Amichai Gross

Jerusalem Quartet article recently removed from Zionist website as protests continue

in Jerusalem Quartet
Israeli musicians also have military strings attached SHELLEY KLEIMAN, World Zionist Press Service 19 June 1998 Jerusalem Quartet members serving in nation's army They're young,…
Stripping off for justice

Robert Gordon University students maintain boycott momentum with BDS victory against Eden Springs

in Eden Springs
Students at the Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen, have won a BDS victory which will go some way for the people of Palestine and the Syrian Golan Heights who’ve both spent so…
Rachel Corrie

Don't let the deaths be in vain: what you can do to stop Israel’s crimes

in Theatre
Rachel Corrie was killed in Gaza, aged 23, on March 16 2003, by a US-supplied Caterpillar D-9 bulldozer, a vehicle specially built to demolish Palestinian houses. Alan Rickman…
Protests outside and inside Batsheva performances in Edinburgh kick off their UK tour and UK-wide protests

Batsheva protests and Zionist complaint answered

in Batsheva
"The sad aspect is that Ohad Naharin sees the brutality of the Israeli military and its auxiliaries, the settlers. His reaction, however, is pathological, ostrich-like. “I…
Sefton: Israel commits crimes against humanity but don't boycott

Peaceful protest in Edinburgh was "aggressive vandalism" by "Nazis" says Australian cultural bureaucrat

in Batsheva
By Mick Napier17 October 2012 "Sefton is in reality a complete fraud in claiming to support artistic freedom; he has not a single word to say about Israel's violent suppressions…
Someone protested Edinburgh Festival Theatre's promotion of Batsheva and Brand Israel

Protest Batsheva - again - at Edinburgh Festival Theatre Tues 30th & Wed 31st October

in Batsheva
The Don't Dance with Israeli Apartheid Coalition is calling for demonstrations against Brand Israel asset, Batsheva Dance Company, when they perform across the UK. The Batsheva…

Boycott Batsheva protest in Edinburgh - BIN report

in Batsheva
Boycott campaigners turned the empty Zionist slogan "Culture unites, Boycotts Divide" totally on its head in Edinburgh last weekend, drawing some of Scotland's best known cultural…
Ar Ram checkpoint, a checkpoint where jailers confront prisoners

The journey that changed my view of art and politics

in Cultural
by Liz Lochhead, poet, dramatist and Scottish Makar2 September 2012 ...I was glad to join other Scottish artists and writers in signing a letter protesting the appearance of the…
Rachel Corrie

Rachel Corrie verdict, Gaza soon "unliveable " - don't get mad, get moving!

in Batsheva
IF you are angry at the Israeli court blaming Rachel Corrie for her own death under an Israeli bulldozer, while trying to intercede against a – routine – Israeli bulldozing of…
Livnat held a secret reception in an un-named Edinburgh hotel before meeting with Batsheva performers backstage

UK Zionists join Israeli Minister at Batsheva gig in Edinburgh

in Batsheva
The Zionist Federation UK will be demonstrating in support of Batsheva and Israel outside the Edinburgh Playhouse Theatre. Israeli Minister Limor Livnat will attend one of the…
Limor Livnat, Israeli Minister for Culture, is reported to be coming to Edinburgh to attend a Batsheva performance

The Batsheva boycott targets Israel, not art

in Batsheva
Naomi Wimborne-IdrissiPublished in The Scotsman22 August 2012Protests against Israel's Batsheva Dance Company performing at the Edinburgh International Festival are attracting…
John Swinney MSP

Ask your MSPs to sign motion on Eden Springs and International Law

in Eden Springs
Write to your MSPs and ask them to sign Scottish Parliament motion S4M-02992 which addresses a Scottish Enterprise grant, in October 2010, of a grant worth £200,000 to Eden…
Don't dance over mass graves to prettify apartheid

Protest Batsheva 30 & 31 Aug, 1 Sept

in Batsheva
Israeli-state funded Batsheva Dance Company’ will dance at the Edinburgh International Festival on 30th, 31st August and 1st September while Israel commits atrocious crimes…

Introducing the BDS Movement

in What is BDS?
The global movement for a campaign of Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) against Israel until it complies with international law and Palestinian rights was initiated by…
The Israeli cricket team had to play behind barbed wire inside a UK military base

Protests force Israeli team out of Glasgow

in Cricket
Israeli cricket match cancelledBBC 09 August 2006An Israeli cricket team match which was due to take place under armed guard at RAF Lossiemouth has been cancelled. A spokesman for…
200 Palestine supporters opposing Israeli apartheid

"A seriously uncomfortable afternoon" for Israel's sporting ambassadors in Scotland

in Football
According to the Herald on Sunday, "It wasn't much fun being an Israeli footballer at Tynecastle yesterday. Lashed by the rain, barracked by pro-Palestinian demonstrators – and…
football match 2


in Football
Sunday 17th June 2012: NO EMBARGO Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign: Media Release ISRAEL “RUBBISH WITHOUT GUNS”, SAY PROTESTORS Israel’s national football team had to endure…

The Iona Call 2012

in In Scotland
We support Palestinians in their non-violent resistance to Israeli injustice and oppression. We endorse their call for boycott, disinvestment and sanctions (BDS) and other forms…
Batsheva protest

Protest Israeli State-funded Batsheva Dance company at Edinburgh International Festival

in Batsheva
Support the call by Don't Dance with Israeli Apartheid to the Batsheva Dance Company to cut all ties to the Brand Israel campaign and take a stand against the Israeli government's…

Campaigners welcome Co-operative Group move to end trade links with companies that source goods from illegal settlements

in Co-op UK
Boycott Israel Network (BIN) media release Saturday 28 April 2012 Palestine human rights campaigners today welcomed news that the UK’s fifth biggest food retailer, The…
Supporters of Israel

JNF 'can't trust Jews to defend Israel'

JNF Spokesman attacks the (Jewish) community: 'You don't defend Israel properly'By Marcus Dysch, Jewish Chronicle, April 19, 2012A leading pro-Israel activist believes the…
London's Globe Theatre

Top British actors call for cancellation of invitation to Israeli theatre group to perform at London

in Habima
Globe Olympic Shakespeare Festival challenged for inviting Israeli National Theatre David Calder, Trevor Griffiths, Jonathan Miller, Mark Rylance, Emma Thompson, Harriet Walter…
Concealing the JNF's crimes is becoming more difficult

CEO Goodman smears opponents in letter to MPs who stand against racist JNF

A letter from the JNF (Jewish National Fund) to MPs reveals "concern” at the potential of EDM 1677 to “tarnish the work of the JNF”and asks for a private meeting with each…
Auditorium della Conciliazione

Protests against Brand Israel asset Batsheva spread to Italy

in Batsheva
"The protest action in Rome is part of the international campaign Don´t Dance With Israeli Apartheid (,which in recent weeks has seen protests at…
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Tesco Action

in Agricultural produce
In a lovely day in September 2011, a group of commited activities entered Tesco in Canonmils in Edinburgh Tesco sells Israeli produce, profits that are used to finance the Israeli…
Brighton Pavilion - only one Batsheva protest there (on 9 Nov)

Batsheva performance cancelled in Brighton due to protest preparations

in Batsheva
Protests against Israeli crimes are spreading, including against Brand Israel assets such as Batsheva Dance Company. Brighton Palestine campaigners have scored a breakthrough…
We will turn up to protest Israeli mass murder, past, present and planned

Festival chief Jonathan Mills warns protesters ‘stay away from Israeli dancers’

in Batsheva
The above headline appeared in the Scotsman on Tuesday, above an article on the performances by Israeli State-financed Batsheva Dance Company, who work within the Brand Israel…
Livnat, Israeli Government Minister, is coming to Edinburgh soon

Event: "Israel's Culture of Apartheid, Victimhood, Mass Murder, Illegality, Impunity, Racism, Ethnic Cleansing, Colonialism & more"

in Cultural
Don't Dance with Israeli Apartheid presents visuals, audio, video, singing, and readings on:"Israel's Culture of Apartheid, Victimhood, Mass Murder, Illegality, Impunity, Racism,…
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Friends of the Earth Scotland endorses call for action against the JNF

Scotland's leading environmental campaiging organisation votes unanimously to support the campaign to Stop the JNF. Stop the JNF Campaign 28 May 2011 Stan Blackley Chief Executive…
Ladysmith Black Mambazo

Ladysmith Black Mambazo will not play in Israel

in Music
The Congress of South African Trade Unions welcomes the announcement by Ladysmith Black Mambazo that they are not scheduled to play in Israel. COSATU was concerned that the name…
Catholic moralist who says Israel should take all of Palestine

Unable to sue, Dr James MacMillan CBE spits vulgar abuse and reveals himself as a Zionist ultra

in Cultural
James MacMillan caught lying about Ken Loach Dr James MacMillan CBE can’t sue, so retreats to the pages of the Telegraph MacMillan email to SPSC aligns his positions with those of…
Opposes brutal Zimbabwean regime; supports brutal Israeli regime

SPSC calls bluff of slanderer, liar and hypocrite Dr. James MacMillan CBE

in Cultural
"James MacMillan is the pre-eminent Scottish composer of his generation." (Boosey & Hawkes, British classical music publisher) "...a composer so confident of his own musical…
Another example of 'silent boycott' but Veolia is still puished for complisity in Israeli crimes

Edinburgh Council Dumps Veolia

in Veolia
Edinburgh Council has rejected Veolia's attempt to take over public services in the city, A Council report published 10th Dec 2010 indicates that Veolia is no longer being…
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in Veolia
Embargo: Tuesday 16th Nov 2010 Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign: Media Release TOP LAW FIRM ADVISES COUNCIL TO DUMP ISRAEL OCCUPATION FIRM A top law firm has advised…

Anti-Israel economic boycotts are gaining speed

in Is it effective?
by Nehemia Shtrasler, Haaretz, 5 Sept 2010 "Human-rights organizations in Europe are essentially running campaigns to boycott Israeli products. They are demonstrating at…
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Ahava's Israel labelling under investigation

in Complicit companies
Ahava's Israel labelling under investigation By Robyn Rosen, The Jewish Cronicle August 19, 2010 .....acts unlawfully by labelling its products "Made in Israel" when they are made…
Cllr. Cardownie (SNP)

Edinburgh Council Leaders' shameless defence of Veolia's crimes: contact your councillors today!

in Veolia
*** Contact your Councillors today! 17 August 2010 Veolia, a French multi-national, may be allowed to tender for contracts with Edinburgh City Council despite the company’s clear…
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in Arms companies
Friday July 2nd 2010: For immediate release. Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign: Media Release COURT FINDS PALESTINE ACTIVISTS HAD “LAWFUL EXCUSE” TO DAMAGE ISRAEL ARMS…
Growing protests against racist JNF

June 2010: No fundraising for ethnic cleansing - Protest the JNF golf game in Bonnyton!

Report of EventTuesday 22 June 2010, Bonnyton Golf Club, nr Glasgow Twenty five protestors watched empty fairways for much of the time yesterday at the annual JNF pro-am golf…
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Livni: Growing isolation will prevent Israeli Army from acting as it wants

in Is it effective?
Livni claims: Israel can save itself from global isolation By Mazal Mualem, Haaretz June 7, 2010 "Israel is facing a difficult time right now, perhaps the most difficult in our…
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JQ: Media reports of "racism" case against SPSC members being dropped

in Jerusalem Quartet
The following is a list of some of the media reports on the sheriff's decision: An SPSC media release on the ruling can be found here:…
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Sunday Herald: Pro-Palestine group hits out after landmark case

in Jerusalem Quartet
Caroline WilsonPublished on 11 Apr 2010 The leader of the pro-Palestinian Scottish protest group that fought and won a landmark court case last week on anti-Semitism claims that…
London Gaza protests

One victory on a long road to freedom

in Jerusalem Quartet
8 April 2010 When accused of racism by supporters of Israeli ethnic cleansing and apartheid, we should enjoy the fight, confident in the knowledge that victory will be ours in the…
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2010 March 29th: Brighton & Hove PSC Press Release on their JQ Wigmore Hall protest

in Jerusalem Quartet
Israeli Embassy claims to sponsor the Jerusalem Quartet

The Jerusalem Quartet: Cultural Ambassadors of the State of Israel - and liars

in Cultural
A Written statement (30 Mar 2010) by Jerusalem Quartet in response to disruption of their Wigmore Hall concert the day before states: "The demonstrators were mistaken because we…
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The Jerusalem Quartet mix their support for Israeli State crimes with strike-breaking

in Jerusalem Quartet
Below is an extract from an article on the Jerusalem Quartet in the Cleveland Jewish News in 2006. Zlotnikov is one of the four. "They made their first appearance in the United…
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Waitrose "happy" with West Bank settlements

in Waitrose
UK supermarkets targeted for stocking Israeli goods Jerusalem Post original article: JONNY PAUL, Jerusalem Post…
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Zionist think tank fears BDS campaign 'can constrain' Israeli military operations in the future

in Is it effective?
‘Highly respected’ Israeli think tank says: BDS campaign is ‘strategic threat’ Israel’s dependence on trade makes it vulnerable BDS campaign ‘can constrain’ Israeli military…
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Why We Support the Non-violent BDS Movement

in What is BDS?
By Udi Aloni, 3 January 2010 YNET I find it appropriate that the Israeli public be notified of the emerging movement for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions against Israel (BDS),…

Israeli players play to an empty stadium

in Tennis
by Reuters, 7 March 2009 MALMO, Sweden - Anti-Israeli protesters clashed with riot police outside an Israeli-Swedish Davis Cup tennis match in Sweden on Saturday, but did not…
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The JNF: Charitable Tax Status for Racism?

by Edward C. Corrigan, September/October 2008 Outlook Magazine The Jewish National Fund (JNF) is an internationally recognized charitable organization that has the privilege of…
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Protesting the JNF: Community Groups Oppose Fundraising for Illegal “Canada Park”

in International
by Palestinian grassroots Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign, December 8th, 2007 On December 2nd, two hundred people from a host of community organizations braved the first snowstorm of…
Hapoel 'Ultras' oppose some racism but support the racist massacres in Gaza

Hapoel Tel Aviv - the 'left wing' of ethnic cleansing and genocide

in Football
Why the Israeli Ambassador will be supporting Hapoel Tel Aviv at Celtic Park on December 2 Hapoel Tel Aviv attracts a Labour Zionist support in opposition to Revisionism. Labour…
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29/11/09: Football fans to fly the flag for Palestine

in Football
Media Release; Sunday November 29th 2009: Football fans to fly the flag for Palestine Celtic fans are set to show solidarity with Palestine when their team takes on Israel’s Hapoel…
Palestinian kids play football: many have been killed by Israeli snipers while playing

Israeli military threatening to destroy Palestinian football stadium

in Football
What does Israel have against a Palestinian stadium? By Amira Hass A friendly game between an Arab soccer team and a Palestinian team was supposed to inaugurate the new stadium…
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in Jerusalem Quartet
Lawyers representing five Palestine supporters arrested last year for disrupting a concert by an Israeli group will argue at Edinburgh Sheriff Court tomorrow and Friday this week…

Israel's War on Palestinians includes Football

in Football
Demonstrate for Palestine at the Hapoel Tel Aviv game on Dec 2 Download Leaflet Israel attacks Palestinian sports facilities, bombed Gaza stadium Israel usually prevents the…
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Leith Festival repudiates Veolia

in Veolia
At their board meeting in October 2009 Leith Festival organisers decided to refuse any future sponsorship from Veolia. Their decision followed a presentation by Scottish PSC on…
Moshe Machover

Defence witnesses in 'boycott = racism' trial

in Jerusalem Quartet
All the potential witnesses agreed to provide testimony in support of the successful defence case, with the single exception of the Rt Hon Peter Hain, ex-campaigner against South…
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Palestinians, Jews, citizens of Israel, join the Palestinian United Call for BDS against Israel

in What is BDS?
Boycott from within for Boycott Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) for Palestinian rights. We, Palestinians, Jews, citizens of Israel, join the Palestinian United Call for BDS against…
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The Yes Men withdraw their film from Jerusalem Film Festival, endorsing BDS

in Film
Letter published in Tikkun Magazine July 1, 2009 Protesting Israeli policies, The Yes Men have withdrawn their highly acclaimed new film from the Jerusalem Film Festival where it…
Vigorous protests demoralised those fundraising for ethnic cleansing

Racist fundraisers face falling support

By Robert Burns27 June 2009For large parts of last Tuesday’s perfect day for the outdoors, the fairways and greens at Bonnyton Golf Course near Eaglesham were empty. Unofficial…
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Israeli artists must sign secret contract 'to promote the policy interests of the State of Israel'

in Cultural
Putting out a contract on art by Yitzhak Laor ...Below is the text of the contract that authors and artists sign with the Foreign Ministry in exchange for funding for the most…
James MacMillan opposes some brutal regimes, but denounces some who oppose Israel

James MacMillan CBE is a shameless hypocrite and serial liar

in Cultural
On 27 May (2009), Scottish composer James MacMillan CBE denounced to the Scotsman 'the attempt to prevent Tel Aviv University graduate Tali Shalom Ezer...from travelling to…
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Why boycott Veolia

in Veolia
The Veolia parent company is Veolia Environnement, a French multinational. Veolia Transport, a subsidiary of Veolia Environnement, is a leading partner in the CityPass consortium,…
2009 Palestine Literature Festival

Israel closes Palestinian festival as part of 'ban on political activity'

in Literature
Armed Israeli police close theatre on first night of Palestinian festival Shortly before the opening event was due to begin, a squad of around a dozen Israeli border police walked…
Accepting tainted money from the Israeli embassy 'was a mistake'

Edinburgh International Film Festival joins boycott of Israeli State institutions

in Edinburgh - EIFF
Boycott movement can oppose Israeli violence The 2009 Edinburgh International Film Festival organisers announced on Friday they were returning money donated by the Israeli…

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