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Why SPSC declined invitation to debate

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The four short emails below are self-explanatory. 1-4 from bottom to top: 1. Letter of invitation from St Andrews Debating Society 2. SPSC seeks clarification 3. Clarification -…
G4S crimes in Palestine involve helping to imprison a whole people

Dundee Students in G4S Victory

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On Tuesday 26th February 2013, the students of Dundee University Students' Association (DUSA) voted overwhelmingly in its annual general meeting to cut ties with Anglo-Danish…
Support for Palestine is growing, and organising

Caledonian students’ landslide vote in support of students in Occupied Palestine

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During International Right 2 Education week in November 2012, Glasgow Caledonian University’s Students for Palestinian Rights put forward two motions to the Student Voice…
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Parliament rooftop protest by We are all Hana Shalabi

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Around fifteen members of the We Are All Hana Shalabi network have occupied the roof of the Scottish Parliament at Holyrood, Edinburgh, in protest at the recent massacre carried…
A heavy police presence

Israeli Ambassador chased off Edinburgh campus after 'talk fiasco'

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Last night’s protest at Edinburgh University saw Israeli Ambassador Daniel Taub fail to deliver an apologia for war crimes when about two hundred protestors outside the venue,…
Ishmael Khaldi doesn't know what's hit him

Edinburgh students stop Israel's racist tours

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Ishmael Khaldi, Israeli government adviser to extreme racist Avigdor Lieberman, was prevented from presenting his propaganda at Edinburgh University yesterday (2 Feb 2011). His…
Richard Falk

Who Advises One Voice?

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Another One Voice youth role model, Thomas Pickering, 87, was early in his career a Special Assistant to Henry Kissinger, a man who killed well over a million youths, mainly…
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One Voice: whose voice?

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by John HilleyOne Voice is a project which apparently promotes peaceful joint Israeli-Palestinian efforts towards a "two state solution". When stripped bare, however, we find a…
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'One Voice' - the screech of racism, crime and violations of international law

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The well-funded group One Voice held a meeting on Monday 10th November with Glasgow University Rector Charles Kennedy. One Voice claims to represent both Palestinian and Israeli…
One voice - but the voice of power and injustice

About One Voice

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by Action-Palestine on 15 October 2007 The manner in which One Voice dealt with the events surrounding the cancellation of a concert planned to have taken place in Jericho on the…

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