"...nowadays legislatures in Europe and North America condemn and occasionally outlaw peaceful boycott of Israel (BDS) as anti-Semitic. In doing so they explicitly link Jews of their countries to Israel and its actions. This constitutes a serious danger, not only for the Jews, but also for basic freedoms underpinning the liberal principles of Western democracies."

Our elected representatives need to take note. While there is general support for Palestinian rights, the Scottish Government, our MSPs & MPs are still timid when it comes to supporting Palestinians when they call for *action* in the form of BDS. At the same time they do not seem able to resist Zionist attempts to delegitimise and criminalise pro-Palestinian and BDS campaigners.

Perhaps this is due to a lack of understanding of what BDS means, what it is and where it comes from - there is some evidence this is the case. Perhaps also there's a need to understand more about the nature of the state of Israel and of the history and purpose of the Zionist project.

Is it Anti-Semitic to Criticize and Boycott Israel?

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Israel and Settler Society by Lorenzo Veracini

The struggle between Israel and the Palestinians is not unique -- whatever the news media may suggest. Lorenzo Veracini argues that the conflict is best understood in terms of colonialism. Like many other societies, Israel is a settler society. Looking in detail at the evolution of other colonial regimes -- apartheid South Africa, French Algeria and Australia -- Veracini presents a thoughtful interpretation of the dynamics of colonialism, offering a clear framework within which to understand the middle east crisis.