"Selective condemnation of ‘terrorism’ has got us to this dangerous state; a trial for terrorism with Al Qaeda, Tony Blair and Netanyahu in the same dock would make the world a much safer place - for everyone."

Terrorists have attacked and killed twelve people at the offices of the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo in Paris. The killing of unarmed civilians by state or non-state actors is a crime and the attackers are to be condemned unreservedly.  Armed opposition to military invasion and occupation is an inalienable right; killing those who criticise or even verbally demean opponents is an attack on our collective rights.

The notion that Islam is responsible for the action of these terrorists is as reasonable as the idea that Bush and Blair’s Christianity is responsible for the invasion of Iraq or that Judaism is responsible for the bombing of Gaza.

It is likely that this act is linked to groupings like Al Qaeda which were initially backed by the US, and who have grown as a response to the Western invasions and devastation of the Middle East, with support from fractions of the ruling family in Saudi Arabia. The massacre of a dozen defenceless people in Paris has roots in the US-led invasion of Iraq that has killed hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians, the invasion of Afghanistan that killed many tens of thousands, the NATO attack on Libya that stimulated the civil war there, and the ongoing ethnic cleansing of Palestine that is backed by the main western powers. 

To make the world safe from terrorism it is essential to condemn all terrorism against innocent civilians, including that carried out by our own governments, NATO bengurionand brutal allies such as Israel. 

Selective condemnation of ‘terrorism’ has got us to this dangerous state; a trial for terrorism with Al Qaeda, Tony Blair and Netanyahu in the same dock would make the world a much safer place - for everyone.

Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign
8th January 2015



0 #3 Mick Napier 2015-03-24 17:16
I disagree with J Clark. Islam, Christianity, Judaism or Buddhism isn't stuck in anything. There are only real living people and they take even unpromising resources and materials - like the Old Testament - and shape them for progressive (or reactionary) goals.
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+1 #2 Roger Westmoreland 2015-01-08 13:40
Well said SPSC. I find this statement to be perfectly balanced without the hysterical bandwagon jumping of the national gutter press. It is barely worth pointing out at a time like this, that the 'Campaign to Protect Journalists' puts US targeted killing of journalists / reporters during the 2001 invasion of Iraq at over 200.
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0 #1 J.Clark 2015-01-08 13:38
The trouble with Islam is that there is no structure for progression as Tariq Ali said "Islam is stuck in a medieval time warp."All the other religions have have in place structures as in catholism the college of Cardinals and the Pope which allows a progression in their thinking.This latest outrage is a perfect example there are some Muslims who will condemn it but there is no leader with authority so the men who committed this believe that if they die they will go straight to heaven where they will be comforted by the angels each having some seventy of them.
I once asked a group of Muslims "if a suicide bomber kills a three year old child,do they both arrive in heaven at the same time?The answer was "only Allah can answer that.
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