Demonstrate against the fundraising shoot by the racist JNF (Jewish National Fund) Scotland
Friday 27th June -  Cowans Law - 8 till late

JNF gave Palestine to colonists
Each of us is forced to subsidise this sham charity that is actively involved in the ethnic cleansing of Palestine. Tony Blair is a Patron. The head of the Charities Commission, William Shawcross, is a founder member of the Friends of Israel Initiative. The ‘Jewish National Fund of Great Britain’ made ‘a gift’ of the land of Palestine villages to Israel to set up the British Park on land whose owners were violently driven out.

 Support the beleaguered people of Palestine While the BBC and other media hourly cover the possible kidnapping of three Israeli settlers, aged 16 and 19, there is zero reporting of the Israeli Army’s mass kidnap of children and adults (including , opening fire on civilians, assaults and beatings, killings, obstruction of medical aid to the injured, night attack on an orphanage, invasions of three refugee camps and 34 towns and villages. Israel has taken the opportunity to inflict economic damage on the imprisoned population of Palestine. In Gaza, Israeli killings never cease. or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Transport to Cowans Law Demonstration
FROM                   DEPART                     CONTACT
Aberdeen           Time t.b.c.                   Dave 07962 223 123
Cumbernauld    7.30am                         Julie 07766
Dundee             7am                              Haris 07926 409 605
Edinburgh         7am, Waterloo Pl           Albie 07725 47 00 71
Glasgow            7am, George Square     Mick 0795 800 2591
Irvine                 7.30am                        Jim 07927 391 709
Perth                 7.45am                        Ryan 07522 944 493
Stirling              7.30am                        Julie 07766 164 963
West Lothian     7am                             Sofiah 07931 200361
If you are coming from elsewhere and need transport, or can offer space in a vehicle, call Angus 07702 40 88 15

JNF Patron Tony Blair






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