The Israeli Histadrut: an apartheid institution (Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign briefing paper for trade unionists) by Mick Napier & Rob Paterson

The Israeli pseudo-trade union, the Histadrut, is an active supporter of illegal occupation and dispossession of Palestinians. The Histadrut actively worked to defeat the Palestinian intifada (uprising) for freedom from illegal military occupation. The Histadrut’s construction company has been involved in massive construction programmes in the Occupied Territories. The Histadrut recruits illegal settlers while keeping out Palestinians; and endorses the denial of any basic human rights to Palestinian workers in sweatshops in zones under direct Israeli military control.

Early Histadrut poster urges boycott of Palestinian producersCONTENTS:
• Labour Zionism and the Histadrut are the real criminals
• Driving Arabs out of jobs – a precursor to ethnic cleansing
• Opposition to trade union unity
• The Histadrut and the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people
• Histadrut and the Gaza massacre
• Histadrut – a vital element of an apartheid state
• Appendix 1: Draft resolution for union branches and committees
• Appendix 2: Sawt el-Amel's Assessment of the Histadrut


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