The spokespersons for the Israeli Embassy in London, the Israeli Information Office in Giffnock and Scottish Friends of Israel may sometimes appear deranged but they have a sense of where some of the campaign in Scotland for Palestine is coming from:

According to the website of the Israeli Embassy in London,

Since "There is a need to counter the growing truculence of anti-Israel groups and the volume of media antipathy and inaccurate reporting...comment and letters in Scottish newspapers in the principal cities are monitored as are the activities of the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign." Israeli Embassy in London

"Every appearance by an official Israeli representative in Scotland is like a visit to enemy territory"  Israeli Diplomat

Motion by two Tory MSPs against SPSC and BDSA motion lodged in the Scottish Parliament on 30th April 2014 by two Tory MSPs Jackson Carlaw and John Lamont. A badge of honour to be the object of vague abuse by these two.  They ignore the somewhat obvious fact that two contributing artists to the exhibition refused to be associated with the polecat Embassy of Israel and informed the Stills Gallery to that effect.  The BDS success was the result of a harmonious cooperation between contributing artists, the BNC and, crucially, pro-BDS activists on the ground who are willing and able to organise an angry public opinion in a sustained, peaceful and vigorous protest against Israeli apartheid, ethnic cleansing and general criminality.

Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign [is] one of the main sources of anti-Israeli action...disturbing…activities of a vociferous anti-Israel body [that] lie behind an “upsurge in anti-Israel content in the media” in Scotland.  Ezra Golombok, Israeli Information Office, Scotland

“…Scotland has witnessed a noticeable public anti-Israel sentiment, prominently driven by the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign…” Scottish Friends of Israel website

Similar boycott efforts also occur in England [but] there is a consensus that "it's worse in Scotland."  Israeli daily, Haaretz

"This was designed to put Mordechai Vanunu back in the public eye. We believe the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign was behind this."  Stanley Grossman of Scottish Friends of Israel after Glasgow City Council adopted a position of support for Israeli prisoner, Mordechai Vanunu, after a debate that raised the issue of Israel's nuclear weapons of mass destruction and harsh treatment of the Palestinians. (2008)

“,,,a highly active anti-Israeli lobby in Scotland"...the Palestine Solidarity Campaign "seems well-funded and its few activist leaders are knowledgeable, expert in exploiting any situation for sniping at Israel..." Golombok, Israeli Information Office, Scotland (2010)

Ken McIntosh - he lied and he knows he liedAccording to a Scottish Procurator Fiscal (Prosecutor) five members of Scottish PSC are guilty of "racially aggravated conduct" for supporting the Palestinian appeal for boycott of the Israeli state.  (All charges were thrown out.)

According to lying Labour MSP, Scottish PSC "target Jewish people living here in Scotland". Ken McIntosh MSP claimed he had seen an "anti-Semitic leaflet calling for a boycott of kosher food".  Challenged by constituents to show evidence of such a criminal offence, he was unable to find the supposed criminal material he claimed to have seen.  Local police stated that no crime had been committed. 

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