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The claim in the Jkrav magaewish Chronicle of Nazi salutes at a pro-Palestine demonstration in Edinburgh on August 17th was pure invention. The smear is as ridiculous as it is unsurprising given the anti-racist politics of the organisers, the intolerance of the protestors to such filth, the large number of cameras and smartphones in constant use, as well as the numbers of police present throughout the non-stop 10-hour demonstration.

Some of those who attended the Israeli ‘Peace Festival’ were given a demonstration of Israeli Army fighting skills involving knives and (fake) rifles. No-one there raised the issue of whether these fighting skills might be used to carry out the rape of “comely Gentile women” as endorsed by the new Israeli Army Chief Rabbi, Col. Eyal Karim.

An Israeli “Peace Festival” attracts those who know what “Israeli peace” is all about. Pro-Israel Craig suggested to Chris that he should “tell Dave to take the Renault straight into the c***s”. We know that the pro-Israel gang monitors our website and Facebooks quite closely in their incessant search for some anti-Israel or anti-Zionist phrase that could be wrenched out of context and twisted to suggest to the gullible an anti-Semitic terror attackintent.

They will be familiar, therefore, that social media postings festooned with Israeli flags contained an incitement by Israel supporters to drive a car into a crowd of peaceful Palestine demonstrators. Whether or not the characters involved intended to carry out the terrorist attack, the public promotion of a terrorist attack by ramming a car into a group of pedestrians is surely a serious crime.

Mick Napier
22 August 2016
West Calder


0 #1 Rorschach 2016-08-23 19:47
People should check out Jewish Task Force.

It filled with outright ignorant propaganda and its forums, oh dear... I never seen so much hate mongering and comments if they were made by people belonging to any other political groups, would probably result in friendly visit from local police force and people being under surveillance.

I am actually quite shocked such websites are left untouched or not even reported by the mainstream media. (unlike anything remotely related to ISIS or Islam will be picked up almost instantly).
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