Israel's Ethnic Cleansing: A Case Study
An eye-witness report from the Palestinian village of Susya
Ron Taylor

Zanuta shepherd, Suleiman, on the left with Hebden Bridge's Ron TaylorIsrael is escalating its never-ending attacks on the people of Gaza. Most of Gaza's residents are refugees or the children and grandchildren of the Palestinian refugees driven from their homes, villages and towns in present day Israel by Zionist waves of ethnic cleansing from 1948 until the present.

Those who cover this up are also complicit in Israel's current ethnic cleansing operations throughout the areas it its military controls. Ron Taylor will be speaking at meetings across Scotland on one example; the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian village of Susya. He wrote last year while working in Susya with a group called Ta'ayush, an Arab-Jewish partnership, that "the ethnic-cleansing of Palestinians in the West Bank will continue unabated. In fact some settlers have even found a new way to steal land: the video below was made by Ta'ayush and a B'tselem activist. It shows top soil being taken away from Palestinian land near Susya to be transported to the illegal settlement of the same name.

The Palestinian Susya is a community constantly under threat and is a place where Ta'ayush has operated for many years. In fact, the whole village is in danger of being wiped from the map. Most of its buildings are now under the threat demolition - a further 34 demolition orders were issued by the Israeli military a few weeks ago."

All meetings (except Aberdeen) are at 7.00pm for a 7.30pm start

  • Mon 31st March, Berwick upon Tweed Peace Church, Church Street TD15 1DQ
  • Tues 1st April, Edinburgh, St John's Church, Princes Street
  • Wed 2nd April, Stirling – Raploch Community Campus Building, Drip Road, Stirling
  • Thurs 3rd April, Inverness Spectrum Centre
  • Fri 4th April, Forres, Forres The Tollbooth High St.
  • Mon 7th April, 6.30pm  Aberdeen Unite Office, 42 King St.
  • Tues 8th April, Dundee Community Centre, Guthrie Street
  • Wed 9th April, STUC, 333 Woodlands Road, Glasgow
  • Thurs 10th April, Dumfries Multicultural Association, Old Assembly Close, Irish Street

 foeiFilm premiere of Enduring Roots: Over a Century of Resistance to the JNF

 & discussion with Eurig Scandrett on the Friends of the Earth International Report ‘Environmental Nakba’ – the catastrophic impact on Palestinians of Israel’s occupation, colonisation, and apartheid

Enduring Roots: Over a Century of Resistance to the Jewish National Fund is a documentary produced by the International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network, directed by Alex Safron, co-produced by Sara Kershnar.

Enduring Roots is a 40-minute documentary that highlights the historical process by which the JNF uses international charitable donations to fund the continued theft and settlement of Palestinian land for Jewish-only use under the guise of environmentalism. This is enacted by planting forests of rapid-growth, invasive tree species over Palestinian villages in order to cover up the ethnic cleansing of Palestine and prevent Palestinians from returning. Enduring Roots chronicles stories of al-Nakba survivors, interviews with their descendants about the case of refugee return, and current and growing resistance to the ongoing colonization of Palestine by the Jewish National Fund.

Eurig Scandrett is Vice-Chair of Friends of the Earth Scotland, member of the Scottish Green Party and co-author of the Friends of the Earth International report 'Environmental Nakba'.  Friends of the Earth International (FoEI) published a blistering critique of Israel’s policy of apartheid, dispossession and generalised oppression of the Palestinian people under military occupation.  The report was written after a FoEI visit to Palestine and is co-authored by Abeer al Butmah from FoE Palestine, Bobby Peek from FoE South Africa and Eurig Scandrett from FoE Scotland.

The debate in the Scottish Parliament last week, Thirsting for Justice, on Israel/Palestine produced near universal condemnation of Israeli policy. Interestingly,the FoEI report Environmental Nakba was cited as an authortitative source by Labour and independent MSPs to prove their claims of ISraeli criminality.

Stop the JNF meetings:

  • Tuesday 1st April, 7–9pm, STUC, 333 Woodlands Road, Glasgow, G3 6NG
  • Sunday 1st June, 2–5pm, Function Room, The Briton’s Protection, 50 Great Bridgewater Street, Manchester, M1 5LE
  • Sunday 15th June, 2–5pm, P21 Gallery, 21 Chalton Street, London, NW1 1JD
  • Saturday 5th July, 2–5pm, Media Point, Chapter, Market Road, Canton, Cardiff, CF5 1QE


On December 27, 2008, Israel launched Operation Cast Lead, a massive, 22-day military assault on the Gaza Strip. The ferocity of the attack was unprecedented in the almost seven decades of Zionist dispossession of Palestinians, killing some 1,400 Palestinians, most of them civilians. Human Rights Watch accused the Israeli military of "wanton destruction". The UN reported over 6,000 homes destroyed or severely damaged, more than 20,000 made homeless, the economy shattered yet again. 18 schools were destroyed and miles of water and sewage pipes severely damaged.

Stories told by people in GazaIsraeli crimes against the Palestinians of Gaza did not start in 2008; seven years earlier, for example, Pulitzer Prize-winning war correspondent Chris Hedges wrote from Israeli occupied Rafah Refugee Camp in Gaza how he “watched soldiers entice children like mice into a trap and murder them for sport”.

The crimes have continued till today; Israeli military forces attack Palestinian fishing vessels to coop them up in a three nautical mile fishing zone; Israel shells, bombs and shoots at will; the regime in Israel and the dictatorship in Egypt cooperate to enforce the brutal siege. The British Government sells Israel parts for the drones that hover over Gaz
a, selecting targets for assassination and firing missiles to kill Palestinians.

Musheir El-Farra is from Gaza, a leading figure in Sheffield Palestine Solidarity Campaign. He is speaking at meetings across Scotland about his book, first person accounts from families in Gaza about what they endured during Israel's invasion and massacre during Operation Cast Lead. He has written a powerful book that deserves to be widely read and discussed.


  • "...a human story, told with deep integrity by a son of Gaza. It is a story that cries out for justice." Clare Short
  • "This book is one crucial and highly significant part...of the struggle for truth and justice for Gaza." Ilan Pappẻ


 Speaking tour schedule:
Friday 25 October              Musselburgh 2.00pm QMU Campus, Room 50
Friday 25 October              Kirkcaldy  7.00pm  Kirkcaldy Old Kirk Hendry Road KY2 5JJ
Sunday 27 October            Edinburgh 4.15pm at Edinburgh Independent Radical Book Fair
                                          Out of the Blue, 30-38 Dalmeny Street EH6 8RG
Monday 28 October           Glasgow  7.30pm  STUC 333 Woodlands Rd  G3 6NG
Tuesday 29 October          Stirling     7.30pm  Burgh Coffee House, 4 King Street  FK8 1AY
Wednesday 30 October      Dundee    7.30pm  Tower Building Room T9, Perth Road
Thursday 31 October         Aberdeen  7.00pm  Bookends, Butchart Centre, University Rd
Friday 1 November            Forres    7.30pm  Tolbooth, High Street IV36 1NX
Saturday 2 November        Rothesay  2.00pm The Pavillion, 45 Argyle Street PA20 0AX

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83 people registered over the weekend of October 19th and 20th in Edinburgh for the Divest from Israeli Apartheid conference. Photos and full report to follow. Scottish Friends of Israel ("your local supporters of illegal occupation, colonialism and apartheid") had lobbied the venue to have the event cancelled but, as usual, they were rebuffed. Speakers from the US, Canada and Norway shared their experiences of a variety of divestment campaigns that have been successful; Scots and other conference particpants discussed how the lessons of these campaigns could be bets applied in their own countries. Scottish participants agreed on an interim coordination structure to share the information that will be necessary to initiate and sustain a dynamic campaign in Scotland to get institutions here to divest from Israeli apartheid.

Panel for final session



From left, Peter MacDonald of Iona Community, Scotland; Anna Baltzer of US Campaign to End the Occupation; Ingvild Skogvold of Norwegian People's Aid; Yaffa Jarrar of Students against Israeli Apartheid at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada; Rab Paterson (Chair) of Midlothian Trades Council.




Divest from Israeli Apartheid

Some of the participants at the end of the final session on Sunday.



To receive a full report of the conference when it is ready and to be kept informed of future progress, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Conference details, speakers & participants

Time to DivestA two day conference bringing international speakers and Scottish groups and organisations actively supporting the Palestinian call for a campaign of Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) aims to build on boycott successes and growing civil society support for Palestine in Scotland and around the UK.

Divestment of public, workplace and church pension funds from companies, Israeli or otherwise,  complicit in Israel’s daily violations of Palestinian rights is a vital part of our solidarity work.  During the struggle against South African apartheid, Scottish churches, trade unions and campaigners were part of the world-wide divestment movement.  It is now time to follow the example of others by divesting from Israeli occupation, colonisation and apartheid.





  • Register for the conference here (£20 or £10 concession)
  • Programme


Speakers & participants include:

Anna Baltzer, National Organiser, US Campaign to End the Occupation
Yafa Jarrar, Students Against Israeli Apartheid at Carleton University, Canada
Ingvild Skogvold, Advisor, Norwegian People’s Aid
Michael Deas, Europe Coordinator, Palestinian BDS National Committee
Maggie Chapman, Scottish Green Party
Peter Macdonald, Leader of the Iona Community


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The struggle between Israel and the Palestinians is not unique -- whatever the news media may suggest. Lorenzo Veracini argues that the conflict is best understood in terms of colonialism. Like many other societies, Israel is a settler society. Looking in detail at the evolution of other colonial regimes -- apartheid South Africa, French Algeria and Australia -- Veracini presents a thoughtful interpretation of the dynamics of colonialism, offering a clear framework within which to understand the middle east crisis.