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But we can work to try to stop the next devastation it is openly planning for whoever resists it.  Nothing is more important for those who want to help the Palestinian people than stopping the flow of weapons to the State that is working to drive them from Palestine to make way for Jews Zionist from around the world.

Scottish weapons technology is used by Israel to massacre Palestinians, including a bomb guidance system that brought a bomb accurately onto Palestinian homes, schools, hospitals, workshops, sewage works and the Gaza power plant. Share prices rose in weapons companies during the last gaza massacre.

The extent of Scottish complicity in Israel's crimes is seen at its worst in Glasgow, Scotland's largest city. Flying in the face of a strong public opinion, the City Council has:

  • invested Glasgow Council employees' and 11 other Councils' pension funds in Raytheon and ten other major arms companies
  • furtively installed a sinister Israeli surveillance system ('NICE') in Glasgow City Centre that is derived from the Israeli occupation
  • labelled campaigners against the Israeli surveillance system as 'anti-Jewish'

This is despite the call last summer by the Scottish Government for an arms embargo against Israel until it concedes Palestinian human rights.

What you can do to end the foul Scottish trade in arms to Israel:

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