To date four Scottish Councils have resolved to boycott Israeli goods, resist any form of political or economic support for the state of Israel, and endorse the Palestinian civil society call for a campaign of boycott, divestment and sanctions. 

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August 2014 - Midlothian Council endorses the BDS call.

"I am pleased that the agreed motion both condemns the disproportionate Israeli military response in Gaza and also recognises the UK’s role in the arms trade in general and in the supply of offensive weapons to Israel in particular. In supporting Palestinian civil society’s call for a campaign of boycotts, divestment and sanctions against Israel, we are adding our voice to the millions around the world applying pressure on Israel for a just settlement in the Middle East”.
Ian Baxter, Midlothian Councillor (Scottish Green Party)

"A ceasefire in Gaza must be followed by a just peace. Without Justice there will be no peace in the area. Israel must not be allowed to continue acting with impunity in ignoring U.N. resolutions and in flouting international law. In endorsing the call from Palestinian civil society for Boycott, Divestment and sanctions against Israel, Midlothian Council is joining the rapidly emerging global campaign against Israeli apartheid."
Brian Pottinger, Midlothian Councillor (Labour)

March 2013 - Clackmannanshire Council passes a motion, lodged by Councillor Archie Drummond, to resist any action that gives Israel political or economic support.  The motion was passed nem con by a meeting of the full Council, with only three abstentions (one Labour, one SNP, and the lone Tory).

"Clackmannanshire Council condemns the Government of Israel for its continuing illegal occupation of Palestine's East Jerusalem and the West Bank and for its continuing illegal blockade of Gaza.
Clackmannanshire Council welcomes the decision of the United Nations on 29 November 2012 to grant 'non member observer State' to Palestine.
However, for the people of Palestine, the suffering of the last 64 years continues as the Government of Israel continues to ignore and breach international law.
Just as individual sanctions against apartheid in South Africa led ultimately to its demise there, so individual and collection sanctions against the state of Israel will end apartheid and suffering in Palestine. Clackmannanshire Council therefore resolves to resist, insofar as legislative considerations permit, any action that gives political or economic support to the State of Israel."

May 2011 - West Dunbartsonshire Council agrees to unanimously to approve a motion by Councillor George Black defending the Council policy to boycott Israeli goods.

"This Council refutes the allegations of anti-semitism levelled against us in recent days and clearly states that we will not ban, burn or otherwise abjure any Jewish literature from our libraries.
We will not be compared with zealots of any description who have adopted this type of activity in the past and we call upon the leaders of the Council and the Opposition along with the Corporate Management Team to mount a robust defence of our position."

December 2010 - Stirling Council passes motion to boycott Israeli goods. 

"Stirling Council condemns the Government of Israel for its continuing illegal occupation of East Jerusalem, the West Bank and the blockade of Gaza. Council notes the heroic resilience of the people in these areas in the face of Israeli Defence Force's open aggression and disregard for International Law. Stirling Council recognises that Apartheid was not acceptable in South Africa and it is not acceptable in Palestine. This Council therefore resolves to reassess its current procurement arrangements and ensure future agreements and contracts boycott all Israeli goods. Council also agrees to write to all Scottish Local Authorities, Westminster and Holyrood Governments calling on them to implement an immediate boycott of all Israeli goods."

June 2010 - Following Israel's murder of peace activists on the Mavi Marmara, West Dunbartonshire Council unanimously passed a motion to condemn Israel and to reaffirm their policy of boycott of Israeli goods.

"This Council condemns the massacre of 9 peace activists by the Government of Israel, and the continuing blockade of Gaza. Council notes these brave people were trying to deliver 10,000 tons of humanitarian aid to Palestinians in Gaza which has been blockaded since 2007 by the IDF. This Council therefore re-affirms its current boycott of all Israeli goods. Council also agrees to write to all Scottish Local Authorities, Westminster and Holyrood Governments calling on them to implement an immediate boycott of all Israeli goods."

January 2009 - West Dunbartonshire Council becomes the first Scottish Council to boycott Israeli goods.  The following motion proposed by Councillor Jim Bolan was passed unanimously:

"This Council deplores the loss of life in Palestine which now numbers well over 1,000. This Council also recognises the disproportionate force used by the IDF in Palestine and agrees to boycott all Israeli goods as a consequence.
"Officers should immediately cease the purchase of any goods we currently source, which were made or grown in Israel. Officers should also ensure we procure no new goods or produce from Israel until this boycott is formally lifted by WDC.
"That the Chief Executive be instructed to write to all other Councils in Scotland with regard to seeking their endorsement of the motion."


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