Sainsburys action Edinburgh June 14

Craigleith Superstore

On Saturday 7th June, a group of activists entered the Sainsburys store in Craigleith Edinburgh. On February 9th 2013

Sainsburys does business with companies that profit from the illegal occupation of Palestinian land and Israel's Violations of human rights and international law

in response to the call from Palestinian civil society, the Sainsbury’s campaign was launched calling on Sainsbury’s to cease all trade with companies complicit in the colonisation of Palestinian land.  We call on Sainsbury’s, as a supermarket chain which prides itself on its fair trade and corporate responsibility policies, to take an ethical stance and follow the lead of the Co-operative group.

The aim of the campaign is to use pressure from civil society, and Sainsbury’s customers in particular, to persuade Sainsbury’s to stop sourcing agricultural produce from companies which are complicit in Israel’s occupation of Palestinian land and in its violations of human rights and international law.

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WATCH FROM UTUBE: Sainsburys action June 14 Edinburgh


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