LatuffPewResearchPollMassacre and ethnic cleansing are popular with Jewish Israelis
Pew Research Centre reports today (8 March 2016) that "nearly half of Israeli Jews say Arabs should be expelled or transferred from Israel, including roughly one-in-five Jewish adults who strongly agree with this position".In settler colonial states, of which Israel is a modern example, there is always a  drive to the elimination of the native, sometimes by means of genocide.

The cultural boycott effort in Edinburgh has been effective
The message is getting through to Israel and is known and appreciated in Palestine, in this letter from the Palestine Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel, Open Letter to Edinburgh International Festival and Festival Fringe: Keep your Festivals Apartheid Free!

Israel has a “war room” in its London Embassy to fight "enemy forces"
A Haaretz journalist visited the 'office of Yiftah Curiel, spokesman of the Israeli embassy in London. Like the war room of a brigade on the Lebanese border, the map shows the front — the main campuses, the deployment of pro-Israel activists and the location of the “enemy forces.” Curiel…coordinates the anti-BDS activity in Britain…under the leadership of Eitan Na'eh, the acting ambassador…working together with British friends.'

The Israeli Embassy “war room” is involved in a coordinated effort to defeat our campaign in support of the Palestinian people. The war is between Israeli massacre and ethnic cleansing backed by the UK Government on one side, and the worldwide movement of angry citizens who have decided to take effective action rather than wait for politicians.

There is no middbatsheva tuesday 30th November 2012le ground between the Apartheid State and those who resist their dispossession and ethnic cleansing. Palestinians are asking for practical solidarity - which means BDS - to force an end to Israel's crimes. Just as with Apartheid South Africa, so with murderous Apartheid Israel, those who equivocate and fail to take a stand, those half-hearted 'friends of Palestine' who reject the call from Palestine for BDS will be remembered with ignominy after Palestinians secure their liberation. "In the End, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends." (Martin Luther King)

Working to criminalise free speech
Israel's allies, such as David Cameron and the French political police, are working to criminalise effective solidarity (BDS) with Palestine. The Co-op Bank has closed down our account, and that of many other Palestine related groups.SPSC members are on trial in Glasgow, again, facing sinister charges of "racism" for pushing the boycott of the apartheid State of
Israel. Other  members faced absurd, but nonetheless sinister, threats of arrest from Police Scotland for protesting Barclays bank investment in Raytheon's weapons that slaughter Palestinians. All these threats are due to the effectiveness of the BDS strategy of relying on public mobilisation and pressure rather than waiting for corrupt or pusillanimous politicans - the majority - to stand against monstrous crime.

We are the “enemy forces” the Apartheid State talks of. We will stand our ground in solidarity with, and inspired by, the resistance of the Palestinian people. But we need you to join us, support us, or donate to our work. You will make a difference.

Mick Napier
West Calder
14 March 2016
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