Israel's Ethnic Cleansing: A Case Study
An eye-witness report from the Palestinian village of Susya
Ron Taylor

Zanuta shepherd, Suleiman, on the left with Hebden Bridge's Ron TaylorIsrael is escalating its never-ending attacks on the people of Gaza. Most of Gaza's residents are refugees or the children and grandchildren of the Palestinian refugees driven from their homes, villages and towns in present day Israel by Zionist waves of ethnic cleansing from 1948 until the present.

Those who cover this up are also complicit in Israel's current ethnic cleansing operations throughout the areas it its military controls. Ron Taylor will be speaking at meetings across Scotland on one example; the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian village of Susya. He wrote last year while working in Susya with a group called Ta'ayush, an Arab-Jewish partnership, that "the ethnic-cleansing of Palestinians in the West Bank will continue unabated. In fact some settlers have even found a new way to steal land: the video below was made by Ta'ayush and a B'tselem activist. It shows top soil being taken away from Palestinian land near Susya to be transported to the illegal settlement of the same name.

The Palestinian Susya is a community constantly under threat and is a place where Ta'ayush has operated for many years. In fact, the whole village is in danger of being wiped from the map. Most of its buildings are now under the threat demolition - a further 34 demolition orders were issued by the Israeli military a few weeks ago."

All meetings (except Aberdeen) are at 7.00pm for a 7.30pm start

  • Mon 31st March, Berwick upon Tweed Peace Church, Church Street TD15 1DQ
  • Tues 1st April, Edinburgh, St John's Church, Princes Street
  • Wed 2nd April, Stirling – Raploch Community Campus Building, Drip Road, Stirling
  • Thurs 3rd April, Inverness Spectrum Centre
  • Fri 4th April, Forres, Forres The Tollbooth High St.
  • Mon 7th April, 6.30pm  Aberdeen Unite Office, 42 King St.
  • Tues 8th April, Dundee Community Centre, Guthrie Street
  • Wed 9th April, STUC, 333 Woodlands Road, Glasgow
  • Thurs 10th April, Dumfries Multicultural Association, Old Assembly Close, Irish Street

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