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Hajo MeyerThe names Jewish National Fund and Israeli Defence Force are both deceitful. The former is a so called "private" organisation which however had the exclusive right to acquire private land which was abandoned by its owners who fled from the atrocities by the IDF in 1948. Another aspect of this exclusive right of a private organisation is that government activities are camouflaged as activity of a private organisation. Via the collection of money in JEWISH FAMILIES over the world, under the pretence that the JNF is a peaceful private organisation the Zionists try to implicate all Jews, wherever they live, in Israel's crimes against the Palestinian people performed by the JNF, the settlers or the government.

Furthermore, the very name "Israeli Defence Force" tries to conceal the Israeli Army's involvement in human rights violations, including crimes against humanity. Characteristic example of the violations of human rights by the "IDF" is the time and again occurring fact, that if settlers attack with rifles peaceful Palestinians who are at work in their fields, the IDF will NOT protect the Palestinians but the aggressive settlers!

As a young man in Nazi-occupied Europe I witnessed the efforts of that inhuman regime to progressively dehumanise Jews in the eyes of the public. As a very liberal Jew, I was raised to value the equality of human beings and I identify with Palestinians struggling to assert their humanity and gain their freedom against the efforts of the recipients of funds if this event on Friday goes on.

From my personal experience I see many similarities between the treatment I was subjected to as a Jewish youth under Nazi regime in Germany and under occupation in the Netherlands and the experience of Palestinian youths today. An important example being that also I had no easy access to education, in fact I was expelled from it, until I found tricks to circumvent it. I also could not travel freely.

I strongly urge the Golf Hotel to cancel this atrocious event on Friday since it is a provocation to all who support human rights. If I could, I would be with you to join your protest in support of universal values of freedom and justice and freedom from racist occupation but I am afraid, I am a bit too old, 88 years. With my best wishes for success with your beautiful activities,

Yours truly, Dr Hajo G. Meyer
25 April 2013

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