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Last night’s protest at Edinburgh University saw Israeli Ambassador Daniel Taub fail to deliver an apologia for war crimes when about two hundred protestors outside the venue, Students for Justice for Palestine and Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign supporters, complemented a group of 15 students who had penetrated the security net designed to exclude human rights supporters.
A heavy police presenceThe UK Government last year altered legal procedures specifically to allow Israeli war criminals to travel freely in the UK, removing the threat of those bothersome arrest warrants magistrates had been issuing. That doesn’t mean citizens should allow unimpeded passage to those campaigning for mass killings and dispossession of an entire people.

Despite an unprecedented police presence, students chased Taub in his massive black limo as he left hurriedly by a side exit after what one audience member later described as 'a fiasco' and a protestor called a 'provocation'.

One question remaining for students and trade unions at any university Taub or his cohorts may try to use as a platform to support crimes against humanity:

“Do the university authorities allow armed Israelis to operate on campus given the well-documented reports of the atrocious human rights violations of the Israeli security forces?”

In the meantime Scottish PSC argues that Edinburgh University SJP (Students for Justice for Palestine) are correct to deny a platform to the Ambassador of the ethnic state to defend the mass killing and dispossession of Palestinians.

STOP PRESS: The Zionist propaganda sheet, the Jewish Chronicle, has removed a parapgraph from its report to the effect that Taub was trying to set up a meeting somewhere in Edinburgh today, Thursday, time and place unspecified.

Mick Napier
24 October 2012

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