Alex Massie wrote a piece based on the smears and untruths of a pro-Israel blogger, David Collier, who has attributed to 'SPSC's core activists' a raft of unpleasant anti-semitic posts by people who either have no connection whatsover with SPSC or attend  have attended public events orgnanised by SPSC. In place of robust challenges by SPSC to promotoers of anti-semitic ideas over many years, Massie and Collier in a double act cliam the opposite - SPSC encourages or promotes anti-semitic ideas by stealth, despite a wealth of counter evidence.
But a lie promoted by the Murdoch Press can go round Scotland before the truth can get its boots on. Especially if the victim of the Israel Embassy-financed smear campaign is under-funded and facing a Scottish political establishment that has just endorsed an event, an Israeli 'Peace Festival', celebrating Israeli massacres and Apartheid. No-one expects very much by way of truth from a Tory MP or MSP but now shameless Tory MSP Adam Tomkins is taking forward in the Holyrood Parliament smears against SPSC that are based on false claims by a pro-Israel blogger, David Collier, himself discredited by a Westminster Parliament Commitee for raising false accusations of anti-semitism and inventing a claim that he heard Holocaust denial contributions to a pro-Palestine meeting.

So-called Jewish Human Rights Watch who are promoting the smears on behalf of the Israeli Embassy also have a long history of making unfounded claims of anti-semitism.

SPSC has shown the patent dishonesty being peddled by JHRW where not a scintilla of antisemitism could be found in any of our extensive published written or spoken word.
Tomkins has a history of working with the main legal architect of Israel's illegal occupation, Aharon Barak, who legally permitted: night raids; torture; mass incaceration of Palestinians, including children; detention without trial; shoot to kill practices; a racist programme of house demolitions; and more. In May 2011, Tomkins spoke at a workshop with Barak on the topic of Israel's "Legitimate Responses to Security Threats". Tomkins hoped his efforts would lead to "links between Glasgow Law School and legal scholars in Israel [being] strengthened."

Tomkins' uses Parliament to smear Palestine solidarity activists, because ALL pro-Israel legal efforts have failed for lack of evidence.
Tory Tomkins' current effort is part of his support for Israel's massacres and ethnic cleansing, widely condemned as war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign
29 Agust 2017


0 #2 Tom Smith 2017-08-31 14:36
Thanks for your (rather fierce) feedback on a short piece that shows signs of being written in haste.
1. Which 'event' celebrates Israeli massacres? Link on Israeli Peace ('Shalom') Festival added for clarification, first html link in para 1
2. Who is the 'main legal architect'? Aharon Barak? Link added to Harvard International Law Journal piece on Aharon Barak's baleful influence.
3. Can we have an example of how JHRW promotes smears?
See html in original analysing JHRW's previous history of making baseless accusations of antisemitism at Leicester City Council. (I am informed that JHRW were able to throw £100,000 into that failed effort.)
4. How was this David Collier discredited and when? See html in original analysing offical Parliamentary dismissal of Collier's baseless claim of antisemitism.
Have to rush; I'll get some links repaired currently down that show Tomkins' collaboration with Barak, a collaboration he seems proud of.
Robust friendly criticism makes us stronger, so thanks again.
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0 #1 John Fullerton 2017-08-29 09:26
I read this article and was tempted to post it on my Facebook page. I am A SPSC supporter. Having said that, this article leaves a great deal to be desired. It throws out several allegations - no doubt perfectly true - without really explaining the background. In short, the article lacks context and is poorly constructed. Let's take them one by one: which 'event' celebrates Israeli massacres ('Shalom')? This should be set out clearly. Who is the 'main legal architect'? Aharon Barak? If so, who is he and what is his record in this area? What is this 'history' of Tomkins? Which workshop, where and when? How is he using Parliament to smear activists? Are there examples? Can we have an example of how JHRW promotes smears? How was this David Collier discredited and when? In short, this piece - while no doubt accurate in every respect - needs to provide credible background and context. It needs to be backed up. The way it stands, it's just a rant. Sorry, but there it is.
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