"...it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity..." Dickens, Tale of Two Cities
So many questions we need to discuss together. You will be welcome to join SPSC activists for a weekend of discussion in beautiful Pitlochry next weekend.

kill them all

The Tory Government and the Zionist lobby are working to criminalise solidarity with Palestine (and much more). Unfortunately, the Labour and SNP leaderships are lining up with the Tories on this.

Another huge massacre of Palestinians may be coming soon, what Israeli officials call ‘mowing the lawn’ in Gaza.

Trump’s election was greeted with joy by the Israeli Government. Fear of what is being planned by the White supremacists and others in the Trump menagerie has moved millions worldwide to demonstrate against him.

We are not defeated - Zionist institutions ADL and Reut Institute are warning that, despite lavish funding and dirty tricks, the Israeli war against BDS has failed to stop the impressive growth of the movement's impact on Israel's regime of oppression.

Israel promotes and thrives on the Islamophobia that the anti-Trump demonstrators are opposing as a deadly threat to all of us. We need to explain to those in support of victimised refugees how Israel has long created refugees and ciontinues to create refugees through ethnic cleansing in the service of a state based on Jewish ethnic supremacy.

So many questions we need to discuss together. You will be welcome to join SPSC activists for a weekend of discussion in beautiful Pitlochry next weekend.

Did Trump and Netanyahu kill any lingering belief in a two-state solution as way oput of the nightmare in Israel/Plaestine?

  •  Did Trump and Netanyahu kill any lingering belief in a two-state solution as a way out of the nightmare in Israel/Palestine?

  • What does Trump's support base among White supremacists inside his inner Cabinet as well as internationally mean for the Palestinian people and Palestine solidarity campaigning?
  • Why did ex-US President Obama give Israel a parting 2016 bonus of $38b in military aid, together with a rap on the knuckles for expanding illegal settlements?

  • Why is Israeli Jewish society increasingly supporting genocidal violence against Palestinians to such an extent that even senior Israeli generals and politicians are comparing Israel today to Germany in the 30s?

  • Why is the SNP leadership moving towards explicitly Zionist politics without any visible internal opposition, as Scottish Labour did much earlier, e.g.
         *opposing the Palestinian call for BDS
         *claiming ‘democratic’ credentials for the Apartheid State of Israel
         *officially accepting the Israeli Government claim of supposed joint interests between Scottish Jews and the State of Israel?

  • What are the realistic prospects for Palestinian liberation amidst devastating civil war and brutal dictatorships across the Middle East, thousands drowning in the Mediterranean to escape the carnage unleashed by Bush and Blair, and different air forces competing to bomb different bits of Syria?

  • Trump's sabre rattling against Iran is destabilising the whole area. Some analysts say another Israeli invasion of Lebanon may be on the cards. Hezbollah in Lebanon is on public record that it will carry the next battle into Israel. The Israeli military has threatened in that case it will devastate the whole of Lebanon, making no distinction between fighters and civilians.

  • How do we defeat the current all-party effort to criminalise much of Palestine solidarity activity while the flow of British weapons continues to Israel? What can we learn from past UK Government efforts to criminalise public criticism in order to defend the indefensible?

  • How do we navigate these stormy waters to continue to deliver effective solidarity to the Palestinian people facing incremental genocide?

We need to have clear aims and work out practical means to achieve them. Join an informed discussion of the heightened aggressiveness from Washington and Tel Aviv, and related issues,  in Pitlochry 10th to 12th March

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