A letter from the JNF (Jewish National Fund) to MPs reveals "concern” at the potential of EDM 1677 to “tarnish the work of the JNF”and asks for a private meeting with each signatory of EDM 1677 currently before the UK Parliament. Jewish opponents are smeared as linked to Nazis and others as advocates of child murder. Pretty deranged stuff, easily rebutted.

A letter to MPs from Mr Goodman smears supporters of Palestinian freedom as Jewish self-haters or anti-Semites; the substance of the letter, however, is a denial that Israel is working to dispossess its Palestinian citizens on ethnic grounds. Mr Goodman makes claims concerning the Bedouin of the Naqab (Negev) specifically.

Concealing the JNF's crimes is becoming more difficult
All three main party leaders in the UK have declined the JNF's offer to become or remain Sponsors of the racist outfit. All three are tight-lipped but this radical erosion of overt political support may well be due to concerns that the activities of the JNF, its role in the dispossession of Palestinian citizens of Israel while funding Jewish-only colonies and its involvement in the military occupation and colonisation of the Occupied Territories, considered to be illegal by the UK Government, has the potential to damage those associated with the JNF.

Full article here at Stop the JNF

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