Israel - Come and have a good time
Sep 4th 2008 The Economist

Israelis want foreigners to see their country in a new light...Israel, long frustrated by its image as a country tarnished by danger and strife, wants to rebrand itself—as hip, cool, cultured, fun and creative.

The initiative comes from Israeli diplomats and Jewish groups in America, whose research shows that...its [Israel's]image is far too lean and mean. Asked to describe “Israel house”, one focus group imagined it as arid, all-male and surrounded by barbed wire. The concepts that first spring to mind in polls are conflict, desert and religious extremism.

...Israel has hired a British company, Acanchi, to lead the branding effort. Expect a new slogan, a logo, perhaps even a jolly new cartoon character.

...A main goal is to deflect attention from the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. “We don’t want to ignore it but to contain it,” says a brand-minded Israeli. ...It may be a hard sell.

Full article Economist September 4th 2008


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