Palestinian academic, Samia al Botmeh, talks about the effectiveness of academic boycott of Israel.
In conversation with Mike Cushman on 27 April 2008

  • Israeli military occupation devastates Palestinian education
  • Israeli occupation is targetting the education sector as part of their ethnic cleansing programme
  • Israeli pressure to drive academics abroad is harming Palestinian society
  • 95 Bir Zeit students and faculty are in prison, most of them indefinitely without trial
  • Israeli academia is a full and integral part of the Israeli occupation
  • futility of other 'solutions' mean boycott is essential
  • Palestinians used by Israelis internationally to polish their image
  • 'constructive engagement' with Israel is an illusion
  • the academic boycott is extremely effective - it is already beginning to annoy the Israelis
  • no Israeli academic institution has ever condemned the occupation
  • Israel withdraws citizenship from
  • Palestinians to shatter families and lives

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