Livni claims: Israel can save itself from global isolation
By Mazal Mualem, Haaretz June 7, 2010

"Israel is facing a difficult time right now, perhaps the most difficult in our history," Livni said. "This is not just a temporary event that will pass. This is a continuous process under which Israel is becoming isolated from the world...

"Israel's power of deterrence is based, of course, on the power of the Israel Defense Forces, but also – and principally – on its relationship with the United States.
"We have full faith in the IDF," Livni added. "But we have no faith in a government hat brings Israel into the difficult position of isolation that prevents the IDF from acting when needed."

Netanyahu: "I demand restraint and responsibility since the next flotilla is on the horizon."

Full, turgid article is in Haaretz June 7, 2010


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