Imwas in 1958, nine years before the ethnic cleansing by the Israeli ArmyCanada Park was built to cover up the scene of a great crime; the cold and calculated ethnic cleansing of the 10,000 residents of the Palestinian villages of Imwas, Beit Nuba and Yalo in 1968 by Israeli troops under Yitzhak Rabin.  A CBC documentary tells some of the truth.

The road leading to the park is named after John Diefenbaker, a former Canadian Prime Minister, who opened the park in 1975.  JNF Canada continues to fund the upkeep of the park.  The following series of photographs, all taken from the ame spot, shows the sequence of peaceful Palestinian village, empty site after the ethnic cleansing, JNF tree-planting covering up the crime scene


Imwas in 1968, after the inhabitants had been forced out at gunpoint.

1991 Documentary on JNF's Illegal "Canada Park" Part 1

1991 Documentary on JNF's Illegal "Canada Park" Part 2

1991 Documentary on JNF's Illegal "Canada Park" Part 3

1991 Documentary on JNF's Illegal "Canada Park" Part 4 



Imwas in 1978







Imwas in 1988 after the JNF forestation has hidden most - but not all - of the village









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