The situation in Palestine remains grim. However, world opinion is moving on from impotent outrage at Israel and international support for the Palestinian call for BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) is growing. The goal is to end Israeli crimes and to achieve justice and freedom for the Palestinian people.
Demonstrating against Israeli crimes; pushing the boycott campaignSPSC has been uncompromising in its support for Palestinian human and national rights and it is vital that their campaigning work can continue and be expanded. The organisation relies totally on donations and its member's own resources to fund their work.  There are no paid workers and it is not always possible to cover dedicated volunteers' expenses.




"I've toured Britain several times, lecturing on my anti-Zionist books, and can say from experience that the SPSC is efficiently dedicated to the Palestinian cause. Indeed I've frequently cited it, here in the U.S., as a model re presenting anti-Zionism to the general public. I urge everyone in Britain - and everywhere else - to send some money to the SPSC."
Lenni Brenner, author of Zionism in the Age of the Dictatorships

"The Scottish Palestine Solidarity perhaps the world's most energetic and fearless...[group campaigning on Palestine]."
Raymond Deane, composer, Chair of Palestine Solidarity Campaign Ireland

"I support SPSC and strongly urge support for its tireless work for Palestine and against Israel's apartheid policies and oppressive actions against Palestinians and their homes and communities."
Liz Elkind, Scottish Jews for a Just Peace, STUC Delegation to Palestine 2009

"The level of commitment, organization and enthusiasm of SPSC is unsurpassed by any other Palestinian solidarity group in the world (and I have met dozens such groups). Seeing the dedication of the SPSC activists has been a tremendous inspiration for me, and gave me energy to step up my own activism. I was also deeply moved by the patience and open-mindedness of the SPSC activists who remain true to their rejection of racism of all kinds, and who have become a role-model for activists around the world on how to oppose apartheid without falling into the temptation of making hateful remarks or making unfair generalizations."
Shir Hever, author of Economics of the Occupation

"Donating funds to the SPSC is a positive act of solidarity in a great internationalist cause!"
Ronnie Kasrils, Jewish veteran of South African freedom struggle

"For all of us committed to solidarity with the Palestinian struggle for freedom and liberation, the commitment and effectiveness of the Scottish PSC is an example and inspiration."
Sara Kershnar, International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network

"I am happy to be one of those who support SPSC. I know who you are and what you are doing for freedom for Palestine."
Fathy Khdirat, Tubas, Jordan Valley Solidarity

"I've done a good bit of traveling in the US, UK, Canada and Ireland in the struggle to bring justice to Palestine. And of all the meritorious solidarity groups I've met and worked with, the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign stands out for its dedication, imagination and militancy. SPSC is always in the forefront of the struggle, whether in the fostering of BDS or in the rendering of direct aid to the people of Palestine. This is one group for which the name of solidarity expresses a living presence and not just a slogan. SPSC truly deserves the support of all people of good will."
Joel Kovel, author of Overcoming Zionism, Enemy of Nature, and many other titles.

"Over the years, I have been following the dedicated work of SPSC with admiration. I strongly support SPSC and hope that you will donate as much as you can afford to its fighting fund."
Moshé Machover, author and veteran anti-Zionist

"To donate to the SPSC sends a message of continued support to the Palestinian people. Recent events have exposed the hypocrisy of Western Governments in their support for the revolutions during the Arab Spring whilst failing to condemn the oppression of Palestinians by the Israeli Government. The Palestinian people will find freedom and they, with continued support, will find it soon."
Jim Malone, Scottish Regional Officer Fire Brigades Union

"SPSC has been a beacon over the last decade, setting the pace and picking up the difficult but central challenges facing the Palestine soldarity movement. It's focussed, brave, active and effective, and has sustained a radical, well-informed and necessary critique of Israel and Zionism."
Mike Marqusee, author

"Chris and I had a great experience with your people in Scotland. Only in Ireland and now in South Africa we experienced a similar atmosphere. So it is with great joy and full conviction that I support your appeal."
Dr Hajo Meyer, author and Auschwitz survivor

"Midlothian TUC fully support the work of SPSC in promoting practical solidarity for the people of Palestine. For as long as Western governments are complicit in the injustices and crimes committed by the Israeli Government, Israel will continue to act with impunity. SPSC play an outstanding role in highlighting the complicity, condemning the shirking of responsibility and making known the injusices and crimes being committed."
Midlothian Trades Union Council

"SPSC  champion the cause of Palestinians with the zeal and effort that we should all emulate. If anyone wishes to help free Palestine then help SPSC by making a donation to continue with their great effort. Remember the issue of Palestine is partly political and it is groups like SPSC that will help bring about a resolution. Donate generously."
Ismael Patel, Friends of Al Aqsa

"The SPSC is by far the most active and effective campaign group I've witnessed working towards a free Palestine, not just in Scotland but in the wider world. Their high profile work has become a thorn in the side of every Zionist not because of headline-making stunts (of which there have been many) but because of its dogged persistence and commitment to working towards justice for the Palestinians from the West Bank to Gaza."
Yvonne Ridley, author and journalist

"SPSC are doing great things for the cause of Palestinian freedom, combining education with activism. I know from personal experience how they are engaging people in Scotland with an international campaign for equality and justice - support their work and help make a difference."
Ben White, author of Israeli Apartheid: a Beginner's Guide

"The international advocacy, campaigning, and BDS work of Scottish PSC is more than solidarity, it is part of a growing internationalist and rights-based resistance against Israeli oppression. Palestine needs this kind of support, and SPSC must in turn be supported in order to continue and develop their work. SPSC are continuing to play a leading role in the internationalist resistance against Israeli oppression. Their clear vision in support of fundamental Palestinian rights must be supported, as must their work."
Rich Wiles, author of Behind the Wall

Scottish Parliament
At the end of 2012, one third of MSPs (Members of the Scottish Parliament)
signed motion S4M-04871 "support[ing] the efforts of the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign to raise awareness of the rights of the Palestinian people".  The full motion reads:

That the Parliament condemns the missile attacks on Gaza by Israel, which have resulted in many deaths, including children; supports the call from the Secretary-General of the United Nations for an immediate de-escalation of tensions and for both sides to respect their obligations under international humanitarian law; believes that a repeat of the conflict four years ago in which an estimated 1,400 Palestinians died can be avoided; supports the efforts of the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign to raise awareness of the rights of the Palestinian people, and calls on the UK Government to stop arms sales to Israel.

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