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Local Authority Pension Funds: stop investing in killing and apartheid!

The Israeli government is running scared because the international BDS campaign has provided the means by which individuals and organised civil society groups can take action. Pension funds in the United States and across Europe have excluded companies because of their complicity in Israel’s violations of Palestinian rights.

In Scotland, seven Local Authority Pension Funds have investments in all but two of the top 10 arms companies, including BAE Systems, Raytheon, Northrop Grumman and General Dynamics. Our pension funds also invest in companies such as:

- Bank Hapoalim: Provides financing for the construction of Israeli settlements on occupied Palestinian land.

- RE/MAX: Operates an office in the illegal settlement of Ma’ale Adumim and offers real estate for sale and rental in all of the major West Bank settlements.

- NICE Systems: Israeli surveillance company using technology tested on Palestinians, now installed in the city of Glasgow.

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