By Mick Napier 
25 Nov 2008

 Israeli water cooler company Eden Springs has closed its East of Scotland depot after losing ‘hundreds of contracts across Scotland’.   Among the major losses in recent months are contracts with East Lothian and West Lothian Councils, Caledonian MacBrayne Ferries, and Heriot–Watt University.  The Scottish Council of Voluntary Organisations, Scottish trade union and student bodies have voted to boycott Eden springs explicitly on the grounds of their violations of international and human rights law.  

The Jerusalem Post denied Eden Springs' Loanhead Depot had closed
he closure of the Eden Springs East of Scotland depot at Loanhead (Edinburgh) and the loss of so many contracts in an industry that is generally expanding is due to a determined publicity campaign by the SPSC.   

SPSC said: “This campaign is in response to the appeal from Palestinians, and is supported by the main Israeli peace group, Gush Shalom, who oppose Eden Springs’ violations of international and human rights law in the occupied Golan Heights”. 

Eden Springs has been keen to conceal its status as an-Israeli owned company.  Another industry insider, who wished to remain anonymous, reports that Eden Springs manager, Graham Carruthers, has been “canvassing customer responses to a name change as one way to limit the damage done by increasing association of the brand with Israel and its crimes”.   

Adam Dean SPSC said “We will not tolerate war criminals in our midst making money from peoples lack of knowledge, we will expose these criminals where ever we find them, until Israel ends its war crimes, ends its ethnic cleaning and ceases being an apartheid state! 

Mick Napier
25 November 2008

Four years later, SPSC's claims were completely vindicated:  Scottish Government helped Israeli company deal with boycott "threatening future of Eden Springs UK" (7 April 2012)


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