18th May 2015

Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign extends solidarity greetings to People & Planet Edinburgh and all students and staff who have occupied and shut down the Charles Stewart House building to end University of Edinburgh investment in arms and fossil fuel companies.  Their campaign goals include calls for elected student representation on the investment committee and structures to hold the investment committee accountable.

We urge all supporters of Palestinian rights to send messages, and if possible, demonstrate your solidarity with the University of Edinburgh divestment campaign occupation on Chamber Street, Edinburgh.  Let us also learn from and follow their example by organising similar campaigns and actions.

The Scottish Government has called for an arms embargo on Israel for the 'depth of inhumanity' they saw in Israel's summer 2014 massacre of Palestinians in Gaza.The grassroots action at Edinburgh University is an inspiration and thus a step towards making real this aspiration shared by many.

More information about the campaign here and here.
Petition: “We want the University of Edinburgh to create a robust responsible investment policy that screens out fossil fuels and the arms trade, and makes the investment process more responsible, accountable and democratic.” Sign here
More information about the Campaign to End Scottish Arms Sales with Israel.

Sofiah MacLeod (Chair)
On behalf of Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign
Building effective solidarity with the Palestinian people
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


+1 #1 Sam 2015-05-18 15:19
The University will be considering arms investments this summer (http://goo.gl/28yfdH) so a good opportunity to follow this example and organise similar campaigns and actions.

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