On 27 May (2009), Scottish composer James MacMillan CBE denounced to the Scotsman 'the attempt to prevent Tel Aviv University graduate Tali Shalom Ezer...from travelling to Edinburgh for a screening of her film...at this year's International Film Festival.' This despite no-one attempting any such thing, and film director Ken Loach urging all to make the Israeli film maker welcome. 

Furious at the EIFF's severing links with the the brutal regime in Israel, MacMillan ranted against a supposed 'appalling act of vindictive censorship [by Ken] Loach. There is nothing more sanctimonious, self-glorifying, wrong-headed and nauseating than the literati liberal James MacMillan opposes some brutal regimes, but denounces some who oppose Israelelites on a moral crusade.' This high-profile Catholic despises 'moral crusades', but only, it seems, when it concerns Palestinians. 

Two years earlier, however, James MacMillan (quite rightly) put pressure an another Edinburgh institution when he 'threatened to return [his] honorary degree from Edinburgh University unless the institution immediately strips Zimbabwean tyrant Robert Mugabe of his own award.' (Scotland on Sunday, 06.05.07)

Exerting pressure on Edinburgh University to end its public relationship with a brutal regime, Zimbabwe, is acceptable.  Exerting pressure on the Edinburgh Film Festival to end its public relationship with another brutal regime, Israel, is 'sanctimonious, self-glorifying, and nauseating'.

MacMillan can also be seen in the Telegraph 27 Aug 2010 brazenly lying about a peaceful demonstration at Celtic Park.  He lies and he knows he lies about fans so-called 'anti-Semitic howls' and 'Hamas flags'.  All of the many participants in that night's STUC-organised demonstration of support for Palestinian human rights now see the naked, deceitful rascal wrapped in reactionary, sanctimonious humbug.

Mick Napier
9 June 2009
Amended August 30 2010)


'Hypocrites kick with their hind feet while licking with their tongues.' (Russian proverb)

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