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World 'Culture Summit' in Edinburgh Mon 13th & Tues 14th August
40 or more Ministers of Culture from around the world are meeting in Edinburgh,
Scottish Parliament 12noon – 5pm Monday & 9am – 6pm Tuesday

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Livnat, Israeli Government Minister, is coming to Edinburgh soon
Stop press
: Israel has declined the invitation to attend the Culture Summit, but Israeli Government Minister Limor Livnat will attend one of Batsheva's Edinburgh performances, underlining the Brand Israel aspect of the Company's foreign touring.

The Jewish Chronicle, a weekly with a pronounced Zionist ethos reports that "Israel's Minister of Sports and Culture, Limor Livnat, is due to return to the UK for the Batsheva performances and the opening of the Paralympic Games."   It is doubly sick that Livnat, who regularly attends events in honor of Jewish terrorist groups such as the Irgun and Lehi, who slaughtered civilians, and whose Government deliberately kills and maims large numbers of civilians, should dare to show her face at the Paralympic Games.

Mitt Romney – Israeli cultural superiority over Palestinians explains their higher economic growth (Dynamic Israelis, lazy Arabs.  The Wall Street Journal agrees with Romney.

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