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Please visit / re-visit www.coordin8.org.uk today to support Palestinian freedom

Israel is imprisoning an entire people

Having enjoyed your Xmas Day - or not :<{ - here is something you can do to contribute to the struggle to keep Scotland a place where support for Israeli crimes is always, always contested. (You can help from anywhere if you know anyone living in Scotland or a Scot abroad.)

The motion below to the Scottish Parliament on Gaza has 42 names behind it, which is just one signature short of one third of all 129 MSPs. Taking away 23 Ministers and the Presiding Officer who claim they cannot sign such motions, exactly 40% off all eligible MSPs have already signed.

Help us to obtain another eleven MSPs' signatures for this motion - perfectly achievable - to give us a majority of eligible MSPs in support. Motions by themselves don't mean much, but we will consider this a democratic mandate to campaign across Scotland for intensified BDS and against Scottish Government financial support for Israeli company, Eden Springs, a massive violator of international law.

You can respond to Israel's never-ending crimes by working strategically against those in Scotland who support such criminality. You can:

1. go to coordin8.org.uk again or for the first time and send off a letter to all of your MSPs to support. You can simply bang off the form letter quickly, amend it as you see fit, or scrap it and write your own version.

2. get a group together in your city or area to visit any of the MSPs who have not so far signed, or have declined to sign. Email Angus at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to be put in touch with fellow constituents to join such a group meeting.

3. ask ALL your Scottish contacts, Facebook and other lists, to mail the letter to their MSPs. Ask all contacts everywhere to get THEIR SCOTTISH contacts to join in.

4. pick up the phone and call your MSPs to congratulate those who have signed, and urge others to sign.

For more information, or with any questions, email Mick or Sofiah at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we'll get you an answer from someone near you.


Motion S4M-04871: Alison Johnstone, Lothian, Scottish Green Party, Date Lodged: 19/11/2012


"That the Parliament condemns the missile attacks on Gaza by Israel, which have resulted in many deaths, including children; supports the call from the Secretary-General of the United Nations for an immediate de-escalation of tensions and for both sides to respect their obligations under international humanitarian law; believes that a repeat of the conflict four years ago in which an estimated 1,400 Palestinians died can be avoided; supports the efforts of the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign to raise awareness of the rights of the Palestinian people, and calls on the UK Government to stop arms sales to Israel."

Supported by: Patrick Harvie, Malcolm Chisholm, Neil Findlay, Christina McKelvie, Mike MacKenzie, Elaine Smith, Linda Fabiani, John Finnie, Kevin Stewart, Margaret McDougall, Alison McInnes, Jim Eadie, Richard Lyle, Jean Urquhart, David Torrance, Jamie Hepburn, Christine Grahame, Mark McDonald, Graeme Dey, Gordon MacDonald, Richard Simpson, Margo MacDonald, Gil Paterson, Marco Biagi, Sarah Boyack, Joan McAlpine, Jenny Marra, Clare Adamson, Angus MacDonald, Anne McTaggart, Sandra White, Adam Ingram, Richard Baker, John Pentland, Jim Hume, Bob Doris, Dennis Robertson, Bill Kidd, Aileen McLeod, Lewis Macdonald, Fiona McLeod






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