The Don't Dance with Israeli Apartheid Coalition is calling for demonstrations against Brand Israel asset, Batsheva Dance Company, when they perform across the UK.  The Batsheva tour starts in Edinburgh on October 30th and ends in Plymouth on November 24th.

If you will be joining in either or both of the Edinburgh protests, or you'd like some leaflets to help build for them, you can contact Don't Dance with Israeli Apartheid directly via or mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Someone protested Edinburgh Festival Theatre's promotion of Batsheva and Brand IsraelThese two protests are the best chance you will have to send a loud message of solidarity to Palestine and a warning to Israel they will pay an increasingly high price until the crimes against the Palestinian people are stopped.

Don't just get angry at the crimes against the Palestinians - get out and get active!

Leaflets for the Batsheva protest will be available at the rally tomorrow against the Israeli Ambassador; Bristo Square from 4.00pm

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