Article in the Guardian, Scottish antisemitism row is divisive 

The row reported in the Guardian is highly significant. The row it refers to is linked to the long-term campaigning work of the Scottish PSC, and successfully dealing with the Zionist counter-attack, which predictably was nothing more than a consciously fabricated series of accusations of 'anti-Semitism'.

Two unambiguous legal victories have been secured against the insidious version of events propagated by SCoJeC (Scottish Council of Jewish Communities) that Scotland faces rising anti-Semitism, linked either directly to the activities of the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign, or the wider pro-Palestine sentiment as obvious in Scotland as it is around the world.
The Zionist claim derives directly from the fundamental axiom of Zionism that Europeans are irredeemably anti-Semitic and, hence, European Jews have to leave Europe.  In the words of political Zionism's founding father, Herzl, in 1895:
"I achieved a freer attitude toward anti-Semitism, which I now began to understand historically and to pardon. Above all, I recognized the emptiness and futility of trying to 'combat' anti-Semitism."

Without this initial false assumption, the Zionist next step to colonise an area outside Europe makes no sense. Thus there is no need to SCoJeC had to pulp 6,000 copies of their libellous first versionsmash up anyone obstructing the Zionist project of building a Jewish state - Palestinians, Lebanese, Iranians, and others.

These issues are world-wide, but in Scotland recently a Zionist organisation had to pulp 6,000 copies of one of their publications , the first edition of Scotland's Jews, that claimed that SPSC is anti-Semitic. This followed legal action from Scottish PSC.

To this bitter taste in the mouths of the premier Scottish Zionist advocacy group, SCoJeC, was then added the ‘SPSC 5’ high-profile court victory, which further weakened their core strategy for dealing with Palestine solidarity by smearing it as ‘anti-Semitism’. The Sheriff derided the claim that the actions of the Scottish PSC were in any way anti-Semitic. The smear-mongers now face a significant legal barrier in propagating their fundamental political strategy.

These two legal successes taken together were bound to force a re-think among Zionist circles in Scotland.

Scottish First Minister, Alex Salmond, also waded in recently to take the last of this ‘anti-Semitism’ wind out of SCoJeC’s sails by, in effect, insisting they separate off Scottish Jewish issues from advocacy for the State of Israel.

The Zionist fabrication of a vicious rise in anti-Semitism in Scotland is clearly alarming many Scottish Jews, who see it as a dangerous ploy, a self-fulfilling prophecy that could actually bring about communal strife.

Political Zionists, please note, have no interest in opposing communal strife around the world – indeed they might hope to benefit from it by increased emigration to Israel - but it is now clear that Jews feel very welcome where they are, thank you, and have no wish to flag up a quite non-existent wave of anti-Semitism.

Scottish PSC and other human rights campaigners, as well as the Scottish Government, oppose all racism from any quarter. We wish the Jewish community in Scotland a long and prosperous future.  Why leave a tolerant, welcoming society (with the usual small element of bigots found everywhere) and emigrate to Israel to violate Palestinians and incur the rising wrath of world opinion thoroughly sick and fed up with Israel's never-ending criminality? 

Why is this issue important and why do we need to continue to engage with such matters? Because
1. Palestine campaigners need to be consistently anti-racist in opposing an apartheid State. As with anti-apartheid South Africans, we fight to end a racist system, not to oppose any group of people other than the criminals who support the violation of Palestinian human and national rights.
2. we need to counter the lies of our political Zionist opponents to build a more effective campaign of solidarity with the beleaguered people of Palestine.

Mick Napier
SPSC June 15th, 2010

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