As well as a majority of the members of the scottish Parliament, most of the Scottish Cabinet, no less than ten (10) current SNP Ministers, signed the motion below. The nine Ministers are:

Linda Fabiani, Fiona Hyslop, Adam Ingram, Richard Lochhead, Jim Mather, Kenny MacAskill, Shona Robison, Nicola Sturgeon, John Swinburne, and John Swinney.

Motion S2M-2180 put forward by Patrick Harvie:

Congratulations to Mordechai Vanunu— That the Parliament congratulates Mordechai Vanunu on his election as the 119th Rector of the University of Glasgow; believes that Vanunu’s election sends an important message to the Palestinian people expressing Scotland’s disgust at their treatment at the hands of the Israeli Government; further believes that there is no place in the Middle East, or indeed the world, for weapons of mass destruction, and calls on the British government to exert pressure on Israel to release Mr Vanunu from Israel and allow him to visit the University of Glasgow.

Lodged on 16 December 2004; not current as of 12 April 2005

That means 64 MSPs and 10 Ministers, i.e. a clear majority of 74 MSPs out of 128, have publicly called for Vanunu to be allowed to leave Israel.





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