Interview with Argentine BDS campaigner on football victory

in Football
Tonight (Fri June 8) at 7.30pm UK timeon BDS activist David Comedi will discuss the decision by the Argentine national football team…

Killing is an Israeli way of life

in State terror
The Israeli murder machine has been going about its grisly work for a very long time. Army snipers have coolly and professionally killed over 120 unarmed Palestinian demonstrators…

Press Release: Palestine campaigners welcome hate crime recommendation

in Press releases
Send a letter to First Minister Nicola Sturgeon and Communities Minister Angela Constance to ask that the Scottish Government repudiate the IHRA definition as publicly as they…

Paul Kelemen on The British Left and Zionism

in What is Zionism?
Paul Kelemen will be discussing his book, The British Left and Zionism: History of a Divorce in a webinar (an interactive discussion, a talk followed by Q&A) on the first Thursday…
1 Israeli SOF Pal sling shot 2

Protests 5pm Sun 6th/Mon 7th May Cameo Cinema, Edinburgh

in Film
Join the protests against Israeli State-promoted Seret Film Festival 5pm on Sunday 6th and Monday 7th May at the Cameo Cinema, Home Street, Edinburgh An article in Today's Herald,…

Calls to criminalise angry condemnation of Israeli mass murder

in Zionism
The enemies of free speech on Palestine want to criminalise the term ‘Zionist’, shortened or not. A Westminster Parliament Home Affairs Committee allowed the term ‘Zionism’ to be…

Support Palestine - Stand Up to All Racism

in 'Anti-Semitism'
UPDATE as of Friday morning 16 March We need a victory of courage over fear - as Palestinians show every day The depraved racist views of COFIS (Confederation of Friends of Israel…

Happy Birthday Ahed

in Resistance
VideoSinging from the streets of Scotland's capital into the Israeli dungeons "Happy Birthday Ahed!" Solidarity forever until freedom comes for ALL Palestinian prisoners!…

Lies, damned lies, empty threats and casual Zionist racism

in Support for Zionism
An email exchange yesterday and this morning with a Glasgow Zionist activist that shows the absurd and dishonest lengths they go to in defence of a racist state and its crimes…

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